Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

Think about what you wanted to accomplish last week. Did you? What are the things that hold you back from doing everything you’d like to do?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BARRIERS.

The ¨Train in Feldbrunnen

It often happens when we drive home from town, the train is on its way. It passes through our village every twenty minutes and the barriers go down: switch off the car engine and wait until the red lights stop flickering and then move.

I have a few red lights during the week, but I adapt. Somehow lack of a working life can perhaps lead to boredom if you do not organise things. If I want to accomplish everything I have on my weekly plan, I have to move my responsibilities around, but everything is possible.

Last week it was time to take two of our felines to the vet for the annual jabs. Mr. Swiss made the arrangements and I was going to leave him to it. When I was a working woman I would take two of the felines on my own early in the morning before going to work. Mr. Swiss worked in another town and it would not have been possible for him to help. With advancing years we are not as fit and ready as we used to be, so I told Mr. Swiss I would come with him to help out. He was a happy Mr. Swiss and I had to start organising. Being a woman with a multi-tasking gift, my grey haired 50 shades of brain had to work overtime. Thursday morning and I clean the kitchen, so how am I going to fit a feline transport with Mr. Swiss into my tightly packed routine: no problem. I cleaned the kitchen on Wednesday afternoon, meaning I had to shift cleaning the doors to Tuesday afternoon – are you with me? Tuesday afternoon is actually my Tai Chi afternoon, but luckily it was postponed last week due to skiing holidays. I then had Thursday morning free for my work as assistant feline helper with two cages.

We arrived together at the vets. I left the car with two caged felines and Mr. Swiss searched for a parking place. In the meanwhile I had struggled up the steps to the vets and deposited the felines in the waiting room. As there were no injured hamsters or pregnant snakes I was admitted to the surgery. Mr. Swiss arrived and we battled with two annoyed felines who definitely did not find that it was an ideal day for jabs.

We arrived home with two jabbed felines and it was all over and done with half way through the morning. What did I do? I told you I am a multi tasker and realised I had an hour’s time to either sit at the computer, read a book or clean the shower. Of course, I cleaned the shower because I knew I would not have to do it in the afternoon if I did it now. There was nothing holding me back and I had the prospect of a free afternoon to blog away on my prize winning book which I have not yet began and probably will never begin. You can blame it on the housework and felines that I was held back in beginning to write my book.

That was my eventful action packed week. I did help Mr. Swiss to change the bed linen and even did some ironing, as well as a few garden jobs. Otherwise life continued as always in the Angloswiss household. There were no dramas, no accidents (which is not so normal for me). Mr.Swiss and I were recovering from our colds which we manage to exchange and so there was a large usage of paper handkerchiefs – oh what an exciting week we had. He sneezed and I sneezed alternatively.

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course

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  3. Taking cats to the vets it a big deal. My Mister is huge (21 lbs) so he’s leash trained rather than lugging him in a carrier. *whew!* I’m sure you’ll get started on your prize winning book some day. 🙂


    • We have a third feline to take this Wenesday, but he is no problem, so Mr. Swiss will do that one on his own. Is Mister a Main Coon or a Norwegian that he is so heavy? Our heaviest is Nera with six kilo.


      • Nah, My Mister is your run of the mill American Shorthair. He’s just huge. Since I rescued him at age 5, he came to me that way. He was much larger, but we have him on a diet. He might even be done to 20 lbs by now… but he won’t ever get below 18.


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    • I seem to work more than when I was a working woman. I do things at home now that I never had time to do. The problem with the whole thing is that when working you look forward to being retired with no more early rise in the morning and not only week-ends free. Now that is over and you are free. What comes next? Exactly and the time goes too quickly.


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  6. “I have a few red lights during the week, but I adapt.”

    How i wish I could do that…I end up taking the path of MOST resistance wasting more time and effort always!


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  9. I had to laugh. During the Feline Age when 10 cats took up residency in our house, the X and I loaded the back of his station wagon with cat-filled crates and took them all to the mobile vet. The vet opened a crate, grabbed a cat, jabbed the cat and closed the door and went on to the next unsuspecting yet trembling and screeching feline.


    • I think I would prefer that version. Ours are checked for their heart beat and lungs. Afterwards they are weighed. Tabby and Fluffy are no problem, but my 6 Kg heavyweight monster Nera does not like being weighed. First they have to ensure she does not run into a corner and then they have to avoid her Dracula fangs whilst she is spitting and sending lightening bolts from the eyes. So imagine how she is when being jabbed,


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