Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PEOPLE.


The first living thing I encountered in my sleep drunken world was Tabby. Mr. Swiss arose before me, his need for sleep being less than mine, and made his way to the kitchen. The door to the bedroom was opened and Tabby pounced before it shut again, envisaging a restful hour of kneading, imagining that I was her feline mother. She quite enjoys the repetitive movement of her front paws as if I was a piece of dough and accompanies the movement with some purrs and wiping her head on my hand. I do not mind, it is only when she becomes serious and her claws are protruding into the bargain and penetrating the duvet that it is not such fun. At some point she realises that the milk is not flowing and leaves me to my own thing, which is a sleep continuance.

Sometime later I decided to arise. There were things to do: breakfast to be made and my computer to wake from its nocturnal sleep. Through my bleary sleep drunken eyes (returned to the bedroom for my glasses) my path crossed with Mr. Swiss in the kitchen. We did not actually ignore each other, but we both had our quests to fulfil and conversation is not at its most intensive in the morning hours. His was drinking a coffee and I was heating water for my tea. That is always step No. 1. I carefully place the tea bag in the cup (Twinings breakfast tea).

I usually measure my blood sugar when I am sober in the early morning (around eightish) to get a full unspoilt picture of my sugary health. My aim is a little uncertain in the morning when pinning into my finger, but success. I was quite ashamed when I visited the blood doctor this week to show the results of my 1-3 daily blood samples. Unfortunately the book where I enter the result did resemble a battle field with a few red splodges, but he did mention he had seen worse.

In the meanwhile, my youngest feline, Fluffy (he is now 10 years old) had appeared in the kitchen sitting on the floor below the refrigerator and waiting, watching me with longing eyes. There was a morning ritual to be completed. I opened the fridge and took the butter, put a small pat on the floor (we have tiled floors) and a happy Fluffy pounced on the treat. He just loves butter. He is also the only feline I know that would drink a full dish of milk if he got it, but it not being good for felines, he does not get any. He is a diary feline I suppose.

Mr. Swiss had now left the kitchen and was preparing for a Saturday morning tour of the supermarket. He finds there are less people early in the morning. He had an important mission to fulfil. The evening meal was a cheese fondue and every 100% Swiss knows that a cheese fondue should only be prepared with fresh bread, so the remainder from yesterday would not be good enough. He was on his way to select a suitable loaf.

Did he leave to give me freedom to do my thing at home? I was now alone with my cereal and computer in the kitchen, checking through my various web sites (Facebook and WordPress) and munching contentedly at my breakfast which was washed down with my cup of tea, pure, not shaken and without milk or sugar. Yes, I am the James Bond of the breakfast table.

I met another feline after leaving the kitchen. Nera, my big fat feline, had decided to take a walk outside, the birdhouse was filling up with prospective breakfast meat on wings and she did not want to miss anything.

And there we have it. I was alone again with a vacuum cleaner, a mop and cloth: my faithful companions every morning. I could have supplied you with a detailed description of Mr. Swiss early in the morning, and “write about him”, but I do not think it would be the idea of one of my super blogs. I do not think I would even want to write about myself and my condition early in the morning.

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

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  11. Oh no. I was so tired this morning I did not participate. I was “only” greeted by Shadow. I should have immortalized him, just as you did. Thank you, Silent


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