Michellelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge : The Supermarket Feline

Migros Cat

Meet ?, strange name for a feline, but she is just the Migros cat for me . The explanation is that she roams our large supermarket belonging to the Swiss Migros chain of stores.

It is not just a supermarket, but has other shops and also a restaurant. I first noticed this feline a few months ago. She was quite at home walking through the corridors lined with all types of shops selling flowers, a kiosk, and even a hairdresser. Of course this ginger feline had really only interest for the restaurant.

There he/she is, taking an empty seat next to the public enjoying their meal. Let us call her a she. This feline is not stupid, she knows exactly how to play the “I am a sweet little feline, feed me” game. She waits patiently and is fed with a little this and that from the plates of her victims. Sometimes the feline will have to deal with empty paws, and just a neck tickle or a light grooming stroke on the head but this is OK, all part of the feline game which she knows well. She is a real charmer.

I met a colleague in the super market and she filled me in on the details a little more. It seems this feline probably belongs to someone living in the neighbouring houses and takes a stroll now and again to the feeding grounds of the shops. There are actually two felines, my friend said, and they look very much alike. As I was speaking to my friend the cat approached us and as my friend, is also owned by a cat at home,  she put her hand into her pocket and took out a small packet of feline goodies. This particular feline seemed to know the routine and she was quickly standing on her hind legs and enjoying the treats. My friend told me she always has feline tit bits in her pocket, you never know.

At the entrance to the supermarket there is a large parking space and cars are moving to and fro all the time. I was a little worried, imagining this supermarket feline meeting a sorry end, but she seems to know where to be. I visit the supermarket at least three times a week and almost always see her taking a stroll through the corridors or sitting somewhere in the restaurant. The cash desk personnel know her, the regular customers know her and the manager of the supermarket also knows her. I would say she has a super feline life.

Here she is inspecting her territory (with Mr. Swiss looking on).

Mr. Swiss and the Migros cat

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 9

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