Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

In today’s challenge, you’ll turn your observational superpowers on high alert.

I saw him when I entered the supermarket. I wondered if he actually entered and became a customer. Was he only outside watching people entering and leaving. Perhaps he had lost his job and had nothing better to do. He was dressed in dark colours, nothing special: a black jacket, black woolly hat and jeans. His shoes the general trainers, a working man’s uniform, but he was not working. His job seemed to be an observer. Now and again he would nod to someone, but he was ignored. He might take a few steps to keep warmth circulating. It was a cold wintery day with frost on the trees. Was he a sympathetic type? Perhaps some found him interesting; others thought he was a threat, a person to be ignored as you walked past. The general impression was dark, a three day beard growing on his chin and a general air of negligence. Hands in his pockets, he sat on the edge of a wooden crate, a leftover of supermarket props and his head turned to watch the people like myself.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

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