Daily Prompt: Five Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NECESSITIES.

Nera with food choice

Nera I see more than five items for your deserted island”

“I might be a feline, but I am not stupid, I will need it all and even more.”

“But I don’t see what the bird food is doing at the back on the left.”

“One of life’s necessities Mrs. Human. There will be lots of nice big fat birds flying up in the air, but they will not land in feline proximity without a little coaxing. Just part of our essential equipment.

“And the bowls of food?”

“Don’t trust that stuff you might find growing on an island. We felines are not vegetarian or vegan, we believe in the necessities of life. Just a bag of vitamin pellets and furball pellets will do. Of course you can catch a few fish now and again to care for a diversification in our diet. When are we going?”

“That depends on how WordPress are organising it, but it will probably be just after Christmas. They have done this one before, so they have the routine.”

Now my chief feline Nera is organised and her assistant Tabby and apprentice Fluffy will probably agree to the choices.

“No problem Mrs. Human, Nera has made wise choices, let’s go”.

Looks like everything is settled. Are you listening WordPress and I also have a few requirements.

The main requirement is a yacht, not one with sails, but one like the Queen of England has, with a crew, motor and all modern conveniences. I do not intend spending the rest of my life on this island. I have a life on the mainland, and not being a hermit, want to be surrounded by humans most of the time. Just I, me and myself and three felines would become boring.

The second necessity would be a fully equipped house, better villa, with electricity, functioning bathroom, shower and toilet. I am too old for digging holes and squatting for my private business. There were times in my younger years when I would be on a nature hike with the family and it was all part of the fun. The men would disappear behind various trees to mark their territory and we women (actually it was just me as mother of the tribe) would have to make do. Those days are gone, when I squat.  I have difficulties standing up. My joints no longer work as they used to.

Constant connection to World Wide Web and all the trimmings, meaning WiFi and a modern laptop, no two, to be able to mail my prize winning blogs about “50 Shades of Survival on a desert Island with WordPress” with my smartphone/iPad/Kindle included. My felines just said they would need to take their pawpads with them to order any necessities online. If the nights cool down on the island they might need a nice warm feline bed or blanket.

A constant supply of fresh water is necessary. It is not my thing to kneel down, cup my hands and drink from a puddle, if there would be a puddle there. In this connection a desalination plant would be a good idea to remove the salt from the sea water.

I think this is about four items, decorated a little to make life worthwhile. The fifth would be Mr. Swiss of course. Life without him would not be the same. He can compose his own list of five necessities, but I am sure one of them would be his drum set. There he could really practice to his heart’s content without bothering anyone with the noise.

Ok WordPress, are you reading me clear. As you can see the more you bring this prompt, the more practice I get in coping with it. If you think I am missing the customary books and music, I will have that all on my computer/iPad/Kindle – no problem.

Daily Prompt: Five Items

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