How to Blog?

No, I am not going to give advice. I am still learning the ropes myself. Part of learning them is looking for good teachers, other bloggers who stand out and are an example to others. I often look in on others, it is a rewarding job. Today I was really impressed by a blog written about blogging by someone called The Jittery Goat. One of those that I admire. He has had some novels published and his blogs are entertaining and you often find some gems of insight. Today was no exception and there was a blog that really gives food for thought.

Advice on Blogging and Thanks to All 2000 Follows

I would really recommend reading this. Jiggery Goat explains his blogging path and highlights some very interesting facts

Like Jiggery Goat I also have many followers, although the actual amount is a mystery to me. According to the statistics that appear on my page I have 2,354 follows. According to the official WordPress statistics I have 1,568, so where are the missing 786 disciples. Probably only looked in for the thrill of the ride. Basically it is not so important. Of course it is nice to be followed, knowing that your writing does not disappear in the sinking sun of the blogging world. Also Jiggery Goat talks of Likes and its meaning of being a DNA print, been there, seen it. I am happy for all your likes, and especially happy for the comments. My visits per day are approximately 100, sometimes more and sometimes less. I remember in the beginning, when I could be satisfied to have 3-4 likes and visitors were almost zero

He also talks of linking, pingbacks which for me show that I see you have written something because I visited your page and if I receive a pingback it means I have had a visitor.

All I want to say is read what he writes. There is a great deal of common sense there. It impressed me and I will certainly be referring to the wise suggestions made in the final paragraphs

13 thoughts on “How to Blog?

  1. I too read what the Jiggery Goat wrote and he words are very true. I don’t have nearly that many visitors has you or him but I am very happy with the small number I do have.


  2. It seems a good advice to read that blogpost. I could need to learn some more… πŸ˜‰ Those ping backs! I haven’t got the hang of them yet…
    Thank you! πŸ˜€


  3. Discounting the Facebook “followers” many of whom are just people I used to play games with, I’m closing on (in theory) 900 followers. But never does the hit count come anywhere near the theoretical follower count. I think some of them are people just hoping you’ll follow them back. They come, they follow, and vanish forever.


    • Probably is the case, but I find blogging fun all the same. It is more satisfying than Facebook . I find that WordPress is a site where things happen and I appreciate the feedback and info that WordPress supplies. I used to play games in FB a couple of years ago and left. I have a little chuckle to myself now when I see the involvement some people have in their non-existing farms and restaurents. Probably I have become a blog snob, if that exists, but I find writing far more rewarding than sowing crops or cooking dishes that no-one really eats. Enjoy your day.


      • Oh, me too. But I do shoot at bubbles while I listen to audiobooks. And I have friends who prefer keeping in touch via FB, Posting pictures and stuff. It’s not like blogging at all. I couldn’t do both. I’m too busy just keeping up with my blog.


  4. Thanks so much for generously referring to my blog. I never want to discourage anyone from writing a blog, but our expectations can’t exceed our ability or reality. There are only so many readers and a lot of bloggers. One important factor is to stick with it. One writer told me that he wasn’t much better that many who tried and quit, he just continued.
    Enjoy you style and stuff. I like writers who calm me and you do that.


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