Daily Prompts: It builds Character

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CHARACTER.

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

“That was a spectacular arrival Count Dracula”

“I do my best, although the effects seem to be less today. Modern life seems to lessen the impact of my appearance. There have been so many cheap copies in film that people just seem to think of me as a comic figure.”

“But you are still a popular figure at Halloween.”

“Don’t make me laugh, plastic teeth and red paint is just ridiculous. I like the real thing, just take a look”

and the Count opened his mouth to show two pointed teeth.

“You see, these are vampire teeth, not the cheap imitations. Come a little nearer and I will show you how it works. Ha, ha, ha”

Needless to say I decided not to get closer. It was not just a laugh, but it came from the depth of the throat, more like an invitation to the bite.

“I don’t think I will Count, although I must say your teeth are a marvellous colour, no sign of decay.”

“Of course not, my decay happened many years ago, when I was deemed to become an undead, scouring the surface of this world for nourishment. Oh the delight of fresh white skin, preferably neck, where I can sink my fangs into the depth of the jugular vein.”

“Sorry to interrupt Count, but this interview might be read by children, frail ladies and people with an aversion to seeing fresh blood. Let us keep it human friendly.”

“Not my problem, but if you insist. I see you have a bottle of red liquid on the table. Would that perhaps be….?

“No, sorry Count, your liquid cravings cannot be catered for, it is just plain red wine, but you are welcome to a glass.”

“Many years ago in the old country, I drank my share of red wine in my pre-undead days, but after my transformation, ha, ha, ha (another throaty laugh) I seemed to be unable to treasure the sip of the wine. Just a small question, I noticed there is a hospital at the bottom of the street when I flew over, would they perhaps have a blood bank?”

“You wish to donate blood Count?”

“Do not insult me, I might look like a comic figure, but I am serious. I was hoping that the hospital might donate a pint or two to me – ha, ha, ha (another throaty laugh)”.

“I noticed that you were only available for an interview at midnight. Do you still have problems with daylight.”

“Oh, the innocence and stupidity of the living. Of course I have problems with daylight. Do you think I sleep in dark places and retire to my comfortable coffin through choice? When I think of all the fresh, lively blood moving in the daily world and I am left to the human wanderers of the night, the surplus of mankind. Do you think a victim is at its finest after a visit to a night club or bar, the alcoholic twinge in the blood goes to my head. No, I much prefer something young and fresh. One of the reasons I like to hover at the window of a maiden sleeping peacefully. Even that is now a problem with all these modern burglar alarm systems and blinds at the window. Luckily my teeth regrow, I lost the point of one of my teeth last week when trying to bite through a metal slat. Oh for the days of open windows.”

“Well it was really nice talking to you Count, but I see the first rays of sun creeping over the horizon in the East.”

“Thank you for your consideration. I must go. Goodbye and thankyou for the meal.”

“But you said you do not eat food and I offered you nothing.”

“No problem, a vampire takes what he wants, especially when invited and you invited me.”

Ok, so now I only sleep during the day, go for long walks at night and thank goodness the local blood bank is just at the end of the street, although now and again I might partake of ……..

Daily Prompt: It builds Character

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11 thoughts on “Daily Prompts: It builds Character

  1. Great post and dialogue. Dracula is my favorite show right now so I am extremely jealous that you thought of this idea. I, however, would have seized the moment and asked Dracula how to cast his evil spell on beautiful women. I stole your pic though, expect to see it on my FB! Thanks…😝😜😃


    • I have never seen the Dracula show, but am sure it is interesting. Probably has not yet crossed the pond. My original interest in Dracula is from a book my father gave me. It was published at the beginning of the 20th century, a family “heirloom” Dracul by Bram Stoker. I think I read it at least ten times and that was the beginning of my interest. Of course I have seen films, a few attempts on the book, but not the original story. Enjoy the picture, I took a photo of a sunset where I live and played with it in Ribbit photo programme to give it a Dracula atmosphere. and thanks for the comments which I really appreciate from someone who could teach me a few things about the english language. I have to keep searching for words in the German-english dictionary (LEO) as I sometimes get out of touch speaking Swiss German at home.


    • I grew up with Jane Eyre at school, but school readings were too strenuous and spoilt a lot of the book contents having to write an essay over the story. Some time ago I read Shirley by Charlotte Bronte and I enjoyed that book very much. Probably I should read Jane Eyre again, I even have a real book at home (from my Aunt’s school prize published at the beginning of the 20th century).


      • Shirley was good too. Another surprisingly wonderful book is the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Bronte. I know, there’s a big difference between reading something because you want to and because you’re forced to.


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