Blogger Creative Challenge 275: Rare

King George and Queen Mary Coronation mug

This was not an easy task. At the risk of breaking a leg by falling from a ladder to reach the top of the book case, I found it: one of the few rare pieces of my grandmother’s legacy. I do not even think it is so rare. When I examined Internet I found hundreds of various sizes and forms in memory of the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain. The things I do for Creative Challenge.

So who were this George and Mary? George was the son of King Edward VII who also happened to be one of the many children of Queen Victoria, making them all quite full blooded members of the Royal Family. Queen Mary was less known. Actually she should have married George’s brother, but unfortunately the brother died before the wedding took place. So has luck would have it, George had to have a wife and what could be better than doing Mary a favour and letting her join the British Royal family (as second choice?). Mary’s full name was Mary von Teck (a German?). No problem, the complete Royal Family were desecended from the House of Hannover.

Luckily gran bought a coronation memorial jug and now I have it. Must remember to dust down the top shelves of the bookcase, one of those places I do not often visit.

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Creative Challenge 275: Rare

  1. Well, you are right Mum. Maria von Teck was of german origin. And as Queen Mary she was a very well respected member of the royal family, in my opinion. I saw a very good documentary about her life on the BBC. She lived much longer than her husband (who was a chain smoker and died of cancer if I remember well…). After he passed away, she managed to hold the family together in times of crisis when her elder son decided to mary that divorced american actress (apparently she never spoke to him again). She pushed the younger brother “Bertie” to take the crown. She had also a very influential role for the young Elizabeth. And she was an ardent collector of antiques. And according to several rumours a cleptomaniac. Always when she visited friends she managed to take some souvenirs with her…


  2. Queen Victoria was indeed a very fertile lady. I don’t think there’s a royal anywhere without some of her DNA. Nice cup, anyhow, rare or not.


  3. Being the owner of a _rare_ Commonwealth memorial tea cup, I quite enjoyed your photo. It got me thinking of how rare it is we appreciate the history that comes down from family…. and how rarely I dust off those top shelves!


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