Blogger Creative Challenge 274: Understate

The last summer hibiscus 2013

It would be an understatement to say I am the best hibiscus. The others have all gone to seed now and tomorrow it is my turn. Those before me were much bigger, but if I may say my colour is a little more intensive. Yes, one of the last of 2013. There was a little shower a few minutes ago which freshened my petals. Even the last rose over in the corner admires me in secret now and again, although she will be around for some time. The advantage of being one of the last is that I do not have so many insects crawling all over my petals. Just a few are still here to ensure that my seeds will be formed for further growth.

So here is wishing for a successful flowering experience for next year with many of my sort, and I am sure that I am not understating. Do not mourn me when you find me wilted tomorrow, that is a hibiscus life.

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Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV

Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LATE.


You want excitement in your life? You want to brighten up your day and escape from boredom?. Then you are in the place to be. Where everyone goes, so be one of the elite, the chosen, the best crowd and read the Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss, not just now and then, but every day.

There is a surprise waiting for all that pay a visit. Angloswiss cannot offer money or magic properties, but she can give you a daily experience that you will never forget.

Read about life in Switzerland, laced with East End London romantic memories. Have you ever seen real Swiss cows? Here you can view the cows in their genuine surroundings: a background of mountains or have you ever travelled through the lesser known parts of London where you can experience the scenery of the Jack the Ripper murders. In Summer you are surrounded by colourful butterflies and in Winter share the pleasure of watching birds at the Angloswiss bird house.

You will be greeted by three felines who will show you all aspects of feline life from eating a tin of tuna fish to an intime wash on the porch: yes a thrilling adventure awaits you on the super prize suspicious Angloswiss blog packed with surprises. Be there and see the incredible events that happen in the world of Angloswiss. Join the creator when she receives her Pulitzer prize. It will be a worthwhile wait.

Do not be shy, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts under each blog. Whether positive or negative, although do not be disppointed when the negative remarks may disappear.  This blog depends on you and your positive vibes, you are the audience, clap your hands and stamp your feet in appreciation of this perfect work of words.

And do not forget, for every like she receives, she climbs the WordPress popularity chart. You will be able to say “I knew her when she was just a Facebooker”. There are no limits to the popularity achieved on this humble, simple blog. All beginnings are small, but with you all supporting the talents of this unforgettable blogger, you will be with her when she achieves the summit of popularity.

What other blog can offer such variety, such talent embellished with colourful photos of life. See the Swiss mountains, experience the insects living in the Angloswiss territory, visit the market in the neighbouring town and savour the essence of farm life in the Swiss countryside.

These unique qualities can only be found in the Angloswiss Chronicles, your life would not be complete without subscribing to this blog. Register today as a faithful follower of Angloswiss and reap the benefits of blogger life in the Chronicles.

Daily Prompt: As Seen on TV

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