The Last Rose of Summer


“What’s that? Is someone calling?”

“Psst, Mrs. Angloswiss, it’s me.”


“Me, the last rose of summer, all ready and waiting for a photo. Just turn your head where the rose bush grows. I am the only remaining rose .”

I turned and there it was, surrounded by green leaves, fresh and sparkling after a short shower of rain.

“I did not know that roses could talk.”

“Of course we can Mrs. Angloswiss, but we have our own language. On this occasion my branches and leaves gave me permission to communicate. Fetch your super special DSLR camera and take my photo. I am ready and waiting.”

“If you insist, you are very beautiful, your colours are radiant.”

“We have something special to celebrate Mrs. Angloswiss. Mr. Swiss has his astronomical birthday today.”

“But we do not celebrate astronomical birthdays, only the proper ones, and that is tomorrow. How do you know it is all astronomical today?”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, I am a plant, live and breathe with the sun, moon, stars and planets. If I did not go with the heavens, we would all be withered. And now take my photo, I am ready.”

How could I refuse such an invitation from the last rose of summer, so here is the photo. As the last rose said, let us dedicate it to Mr. Swiss.

The Last rose of Summer 2013

Daily Prompt: Release Me

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FREE.

Stork at Altreu

We have a stork colony in the village of Altreu, just along the River Aar, about 5-10 minutes’ drive from where I live. When it was founded the idea was that the storks were kept in a special place where they could nest and be visited. Today you have to search for the storks. A few years ago it was decided to set them free, let them nest where they want to, although a careful eye is kept on them, especially when the chicks are born. The result of the freedom is that they now nest on the roofs of the surrounding houses, or we often see them perched on a tall lamp post near where I live: the wonders of nature.

Otherwise as far as the theme of this blog is concerned, if I were nervous to publish a blog I just would not write it in the first place. Quite easy really: I always have a feeling of satisfaction, sometimes relief, when I have actually written and completed a blog containing my wise words. The nervous part arrives afterwards as I wait for the mail in my box telling me that I have won a prize for my writing, whether it is Pulitzer, Nobel or Booker. Just a little mention on an obscure web site does the job. I am not ambitious.

I never think of my wonderful first class blogs being prisoners, they are the fruits of my livid imagination, my creativity and I just love playing with my computer. I am not known for being shy or modest. I can even be somewhat loud and outspoken. One of the advantages of being a golden oldie is that you do not have so much to lose any more, so what is the point of hiding it all in a “save under” corner of the computer. It would only be forgotten and when the day arrives when your computer is dying, you save what you can and forget the lost drafts of your ingenious ideas filed away never to be seen again.

If you think about it, write it, then print it for goodness sake. If Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters (for example) had thrown their ideas away we would never have met Mr. Micawber of David Copperfield or the Pickwick  Papers personalities, not to mention Jane Eyre or Heathcliff (and if you have never met these characters, then look it up in Wikipedia). On the other hand if you have never heard of Christian Grey (who??) and Anastasia Steel (another who??) that is not so tragic. 50 Shades of Grey is usually read hidden in between other book covers to disguise the actual book you are reading (quite understandably – I am talking about literature and would not dare to mention the name E.L.James in this context).

So here is another blog masterpiece which I was not nervous about publishing, after all it might be a success. You said something Mr. Swiss? You think I am overdoing it again.

“Mrs. Human”

“Yes Nera feline”

“We felines do not want to be set free, in case you start thinking about it. There are no tuna fish tins in the open country, and you can only have a square meal if you catch it first of all. Sleeping on grass, or under a tree can become dodgy, should there be a canine or another feline near bye wanting a territorial fight.”

“No problem, Nera. You place is reserved at home, although you can come and go as you please, but as long as there is a cat flap …..”

And Nera curled up and fell into a satisfied sleep on her favourite cushion.

Daily Prompt: Release Me

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