Introducing Panadox – again

I am sure you all did not know that I am a rap fan. To be quite honest, not really, but when twin brothers in Switzerland, Pascal and Mickey  rap together and also happen to be friends of mine (many years ago when they worked for their living where I worked) then I am proud to give them a platform on my superblog. This is naturally Swiss German rap and I am sure no-one will understand a word what they are singing. I follow  their career from a distance and today they were featured in an article in our local newspaper. They have a new record christening concert tomorrow in my local town of Solothurn. As I am a golden oldie I will not be there, as it starts later in the evening and I would be home way past my bedtime. Anyhow bear with me, here is a song from their newest CD “Telepathie”, the title of the song is Fresh. So here they are, rapping away for all to hear. Big applause for Panadox.

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