Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History

Your challenge this week? Write about a current event from your own unique, subjective perspective. 

Schweiz Brasil football

As I was not present at the match, and photos from the TV screen usually have strange marks on them, I stole borrowed this photo from the Swiss Blick newspaper. The team are dressed in yellow shirts Brasil style, made especially  after beating the Slovenian team in their last match. They had already qualified if they had won or lost, so had the shirts made to celebrate at the end of the match.

Who has heard of Switzerland? Of course you all have, you know the country that has almost as many cows as people, where the people eat cheese fondue, where we have cuckoo clocks (which are made in the Black Forest area in Germany), and where we all walk around yodling and spend the week-ends climbing mountains. Where Hornuss,(farmer’s tennis – no, I will not explain that one) and Schwingen (Swiss wrestling – and I will not explain that either) are the Swiss national sports. But ….. we can also play football.

By football I do not mean that game played in an ex-British colony called America where they have an oval ball and run around with the ball in their hands, pushing the members of the other team out of the way to reach the goal posts. No, the Swiss play the game with the round ball, eleven players in each team and you get penalised if you happen to handle the ball. That was just to clarify matters, although a few years ago the Football (soccer) World Cup was hosted by our friends over the pond in America with success.  That was the last time that the Swiss team actually managed to reach the finals in the host land.

Now they have done it again. Was it a miracle, was it the talented team of dedicated men, was it the fantastic work of their manager Ottmar Hitzfeld? Who knows, but they will be there playing in one of the 12 stadiums chosen for the games, holding the flag for the Swiss.

Mr. Swiss just said, do not get to euphoric about praising our footballing wizards, those that are at the top have further to fall. So let us stay on the ground and see what will happen. The Swiss team had to qualify for the privilege of being in the land of samba and carnival. They qualified so well, arriving at the top of their section and winning all matches with the exception of one where they had a draw, that they are now in the top group in Brasil. This could be great but it seems in the same group could be Germany (ok, we know them), Brasil and Argentina (we know them as well, but that is not so good) and Spain who we even beat once in an international game.

So the excitement gets slowly dampened into a “keep your fingers crossed, and just be glad to be there” phase.

Not that I will be glued to the TV screen during the World Cup, which is actually in 2014, but I will be have a glance now and again and I am sure Mr. Swiss will keep me in the picture. I am also convinced that if and when the Swiss win a game, our roads will be full of cars with Swiss flags hanging out of the window and horns sounding all night long. Needless to say many supporters will be quenching their thirst in the many restaurants decorated for the occasion (or drowning their sorrows as the case may be).

I had a quick look at this fantastic Swiss team and discovered that most of them had strange sounding names, not very swiss. Most of the players seem to have their roots in other countries. No problem, they all have a Swiss passport. Even I have one of those, to go to prove that they are not fussy about who they give them to. One of the teams they played to qualify was Albania, and it seems that the level of language understanding was excellent between the two teams.

So there we have the good news from Switzerland and hope it remains good.

You may ask why I say nothing about the British qualification for the Word Cup finals, being born in England of English parents. That is quite easy – I always have a soft spot for the underdogs, for those that are not expected to win.

Swiss football team world cup

Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History


Daily Prompt: Honorific

October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day” — and you get to pick Person X. Tell us about someone who deserves to be commemorated.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HONOR.

Sunset over Feldbrunnen

What a choice. Do I choose my mother, my father, my Mr. Swiss, my cats? I suppose that would be the idea, someone that has formed you, looked after you, and made you what you are today. That would of course be honorific and the good thing to do, but how to choose; a difficult choice and perhaps a selfish choice. We have many unsung heroes on this planet.

There are the people working for the benefit for others. Nurses, doctors, people taking care of the elderly. We have our soldiers, sailors, airmen, protecting your country. Who am I to say whether they deserve this day or whether their work is to be honoured. Most countries seem to have their tomb of the unknown soldier, day of commeration for a war once fought. We feel reassured doing this for the unknown heroes, but who to choose.

We all have our ideas of picking a Person X to honour: a person that has offered himself for the benefit of mankind. This is wrong, something is not right here. I just cannot choose. I have a feeling that I am not worthy of choosing anyone.

Every morning I awake and am thankful to be in a place where I do not have to fear to starve, to send my children out begging for money or food for survival. Oh it is so comfortable to be able to plan a day in a civilisation where you are allowed to work, to have the gift of free speech, to be able to vote for your government and to protest.

So, sorry to disappoint, but I am not choosing anyone or anything to honour. I am just happy be able to admire a clear sky, nature’s work if you want. There are so many reasons to take this for granted, but nature has a tough job today. She is fighting to keep a balance, to keep her place in the world. Sometimes I wonder if civilisation on the earth will come to an end because the sun extinguishes one day in the millionth year future, or whether we will do it all by ourself.

I am not a green peace person. I do not even like them or sympathise with the. I find they are a meddling group convinced that they are the answer to all: an army of do gooders forcing their own ideas on others in a warlike similar way. Of course it is nice to save the world and protect it, but no-one is perfect.

So now to get off my soap box; who am I to dictate who is to be celebrated and honoured? We all have our own ideas of  heroes. When I have finished this blog for today I will call my 98 year old father in England to see how he is doing. Just a man that fought in a war for his country, not because he wanted to, but he had no choice. His country was being attacked so he had to, just a man that worked in a factory until he retired earning money to keep his family. My mother died many years ago, the lady that sent me to school to make sure I was educated, the lady that washed me and did her best to keep me on the straight path. You know the lady that changed my nappies/diapers and did not ask for a wage. We all know them, known as parents. No I am not dedicating a X day for this, I am also a parent but like my mother and father do not expect a letter of thanks. That is the life I have been privileged to lead.

Daily Prompt: Honorific

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