Look what I found living on the porch

St. Andrews Cross Spider

Actually it was Mr. Swiss that drew my attention to our new neighbour. She decided to make a nest at the angle between the top of the cupboard door and the roof, so I really had to use the close up lens to take her photo. Of course, the next step was to discover her name. It seems she is the female species of the St. Andrews Cross spider, also known as the orb spider I believe.

She is sitting on her egg sack which probably has a couple of hundred babies inside. I read that they all hatch out some time in Autumn and stay nice and comfortable where they are until spring, although I am no expert. Actually I did once take a photo of some hatchlings, so am waiting for the birth. Mama seems quite happy at the moment so we have decided to leave her where she is.

13 thoughts on “Look what I found living on the porch

  1. I live in the country where the cats and the hedgehogs say goodnight to each other. Spiders live in my garden, spinn their webs and eat the insects they catch. They also have families. When the spider babies hatch they stay clustered together for a while in a web and one day they are no longer there. They disperse and find other territories and so life begins again. This spider is classified as a common garden spider. She does not bite, rarely goes into the houses and lives its life doing its own thing. She does not bother me and I do not bother her. At the mmoment we wave to each other every morning, I see her through the kitchen window.


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