Emergency – Nera Feline to the Vets

Nera's injured paw - two toes broken

This is a Nera paw. I am not sure if this is THE paw I am talking about, but this morning after her early walk in her territory, she returned with a definite limp in her link front leg. She was holding her paw in the air and limping along using the three legs that were still working.

I was in the middle of cleaning, but dropped everything ready to call the vet. She had not had a fight with the ginger tom next door. I suspected a wasp sting, but Mr. Swiss said it is too early in the morning for wasps. Slowly her limp was accompanied by a whining meow, so things were becoming urgent. The next stage is hiding, but as we left her in peace, she did not hide and eventually fell asleep on her nice red wool cover on the leather settee. She prefers luxury, is not a nomal alley cat, although her origins are doubtful.

We decided to wait until she was awake and rejudge the situation. She was still limping so I phoned the vet. The vet said bring her along in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss took her to the vet and returned without Nera. I was already imaging a broken leg, she has already been there and done that. No, he said, they need time for a proper examination. Nera was throwing her usual diva fits at the vet, so it was decided the examination would take place under anaesthetic. Mr. Swiss was told to fetch her an hour later.

When he returned with Nera she was still sleeping off the effects of the examination. She was in a feline Nirvana condition, so we left her to sleep out the effects. The result of the examination was two ingrown claws. They had grown so long that the were growing into he paw. Poor Nera, but she survived. She is still sleeping off the effects. Now and again she takes a few steps, sits, collapses where she is, and again falls asleep. At least we will have a quiet evening this evening.


10 thoughts on “Emergency – Nera Feline to the Vets

  1. Glad Nera is recovering! While our puddle was with us, we had her claws clipped regularly – if they stay home a lot (and most of companions do), those indeed tend to ingrow :(((( Much Light sent both yours and hers way!


  2. Ouch! Sorry that Nera ended up being in a bad way – but glad to hear that she is now okay and on the road to recovery πŸ™‚


  3. Nera thanks you all for your concern and would like to say that she now feels well enough to inspect her territory and to protect it from any invaders, including the ginger tom from next door. She is celebrating by sharpening her now short claws on the scratching post. I think it was an expensive claw manicure and am now waiting for the bill.


  4. I had cats all my life and had no idea that they could get ingrown claws! Your poor kitty! That must be awful. I’m glad that it is something that will be able to heal well and quickly.


    • They generally wear them down theirselves on trees or other rough surfaces. When they enter our place they usually have a good scratch on the ropey bits on their cat play center, but it seems Nera was scratching with the wrong paws.


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