Daily Prompt: No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAIR.

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One of those never-to-be-forgotten evenings when I was a working woman (me, second on the left) with the girls in the office: an evening excursion to the town of Basel on the Swiss border to a restaurant. This was the entrance to the restaurant – no pictures otherwise. There is a reason. There are no lights in the restaurant, it is completely in darkness. The waiters and personnel are all blind. You order the food before entering, a blind waiter leads you to your place and then the “fun” begins. What is fun for us is an exception, but not for the serving staff. There are a few of these restaurants in the larger towns in Switzerland and are known as “Blind Cow”. The food was good, although you had to feel it rather than see it, and we enjoyed the evening. It was also food for thought spending an evening without sight.

A blog does not have enough room to discuss the unfair circumstances in the world. Some have food, some are born and never survive their first year through hunger. I could name a few moments in my life where I feel I had been treated in an unfair way, but what is the point to discuss it here and now. If I want to rant, then better in Facebook, and I get fed up reading what all the others have to complain about, so I am not joining them. I survived and have been lucky. I just try not to forget those that have not been so lucky. That is perhaps the unfair part of life.

Of course I could write a whole blog about how unfair it is that my writings have not yet been recognised by the Pulitzer or Nobel people, and that no publisher has yet offered me a vast sum to bring out my book on the market, but that is just my own opinion. I am not disappointed, just annoyed at my talent being ignored and …. mumble, mumble, mumble. A rectification of this circumstance would be so easy, let me know if you want my private address or e-mail – better still my bank account number.

So let us call it a day, I had an appointment at the docs today that took up most of the afternoon. The fair news is that I do not yet have to go on the needle for my diabetes. The unfair part is that I have had to stop eating a lot of things I like eating to reach this positive result. Oh, for a packet of chips or some salted goodies in the evening, washed down with a large glass of Cola (the 100% sugar type and not that silly diet Cola stuff).

Daily Prompt: No Fair

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