Blogger Creative Challenge 269: Neglected

Vegetable in the supermarket

Mrs. Smith was cleaning the bathroom and suddenly, oh shock, she noticed a corner that had been forgotten, neglected. A layer of dust, no – a crust had already began to form in the corner. Mrs. Smith took a cloth, and with strength and full elbow grease wiped and wiped until it was the same brilliant shiny white matching the surroundings. Mrs. Smith was now satisfied with her work.

Mrs. Smith heard the postman. Mrs. Smith picked up the letters and again there was a colourful page showing undernourished children in another part of the world. Mrs. Smith shook her head, not at the pictures of the children, but the thought crossed her mind “I am sure there is a begging letter with this” and she was reassured. Yes, there was a begging letter asking for money to help the children, not even for food, but for clean water that could be supplied from a well if they had the money to build a well. They needed food, but what is food without water. Mrs. Smith took the post and threw it in the garbage can.

Then something else caught Mrs. Smith’s eye. The local supermarket had  special offers. A special 20% rebate off beef prices. There was also an opportunity to buy 2 bars of her favourite chocolate for the price of one. Mrs. Smith immediately decided this would be worthwhile. Mrs. Smith prepared for her shopping trip.

Mrs. Smith arrived at the supermarket and entered. A group of school children were standing at the entrance collecting money for hunger in the third world. Mrs. Smith ignored the children and carried on with her shopping, buying six bars of her favourite chocolate, after all it was a special offer. Mrs. Smith also bought her favourite magazine.

Mrs. Smith arrived home and she had five minutes to spare before cooking her lunch of steak and fresh vegetable, after all beef was a special offer. Mrs. Smith read her magazine. She was shocked at the report about the war in a country far away where poison gas had been used, where children were dying. Mrs. Smith also read about children working all day, manufacturing clothing for her own country, for hunger wages so that Mrs. Smith could buy the garments at cheap prices. Mrs. Smith turned the page and enjoyed reading about her favourite actress who had married, throwing a banquet for all invited guests, all wearing their wonderful designer dresses and each showing their jewellery.

When Mrs. Smith went to bed that night, she fell asleep immediately in her comfortable warm bed and had already forgotten the neglected part of the world where the people slept on the earth with just perhaps their scanty clothing for protection. By the way, do you know Mrs. Smith?

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