Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited. 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EXCITEMENT.


See the orchid on the left, the mauve flower on the stalk accompanied by a few buds. That was the excitement of the summer. An orchid I had forgotten, pushed to one side, ready for the trash can and then …. Yes, it decided to say “save me, I am still alive”, so I did and bought a few more to keep it company. Nothing worse than a lonely orchid left alone to its fate. Now it is much happier and rewards me now and again with a new flower. The excitement knows no end.

Otherwise “giggle” is a “no word” in my language. I hate it, sounds childish and not my thing, my teenage years left me with The Rolling Stones and the Beatles. I do not mind a good belly laugh now and again, nice and loud with tears in the eyes, but giggle no.

When I think of it, what does an almost 67 year old lady have to get excited about today – I have to be careful, the older you get, the nearest to a heart attack, so let us not overdo it. In my sheltered golden oldie life, I do not get excited, I prefer surprises. I remember when WordPress decided I was to become freshly pressed. I had never heard of this, just wrote my daily blog in the hope I would be recognised for my services to literature, like a Pulitzer prize. OK, I know, this is repeating itself, but you have to stay on the target to become successful.

So there I was sitting at my computer and decided to see who had sent me an e-mail. One of those little pleasures of an elderly lady: contact with the outside world and there it was, a personal e-mail from WordPress, telling me not to answer it and talking about being freshly pressed. Did they think I was not the correct shape for a blogger, perhaps too old, my weight expanding and going too far south? I should be pressed, a size or two less? I do not care if I am showing off, but at my age these little daily happenings make it all worthwhile. You do not have many pleasures in life as the years advance. For my super prize freshly pressed blog I was overwhelmed with comments, likes and still am. Just little things pleasing a retired mind. I did not giggle; I remained cool (but found I was visiting my WordPress site every five minutes to find out what would happen next).

I think my next excitement was finding that my sugar levels had sunk since I started to take my diabetes diet seriously, meaning I still do not have to go on the needle. I belong to a Facebook bookclub, Goodreads, and was contacted by a writer who writes future science fiction books. He offered me a free copy of his latest – another surprise. I am now reading it, something completely different.

This week I reached 1,000 followers on WordPress. Was I surprised, sort of.  If I remember rightly I had started to count seriously when I reach 980, this being the final count down, and knowing it would happen soon. I received my badge, although honestly said, a nice animated firework display with all the trimmings would also have been appreciated, but you cannot have everything.

To be quite honest I am always happy and glad to see all those wonderful people, my disciples,  in WordPress that take time to read my posts and perhaps even comment. I hope one day you will all be rewarded when I become famous and collect my prize, that you can say we knew her when she was a nobody, adding Pingbacks to her blogs and taking her first steps in the blog world. Of course you will all be invited to Stockholm or The States for the prize giving ceremony according to whether it is the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. The Man Booker prize is in England I believe.

Just to add butterflies in the stomach are also not my thing. The only time I have them is when my cats are picked on by another cat where there is a fight for territorial rights. You never know if they survive or not. Otherwise the only butterflies I have are those in my garden where they belong. Although I did have a few when I was awaiting the birth of my sons, but they call that early morning sickness I think.

Daily Prompt: The Excitement never Ends

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22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

  1. I love your posts 😀 Not sure what freshly pressed is or means. I’m new to blogging and I’m not sure I’m doing it right. I LOVE the purple orchid… it’s so pretty. Can you imagine if you’d thrown it away? Maybe it’s a lesson…

    I’m going to look at it as one and apply it to my writing… not to give up.. not to just dismiss it because of appearances or a story line doesn’t seem to have any life to it. Maybe it’ll be a purple orchid for me… Can I mention your experience with the flower in an encouragement type of post on my blog?


    • Yes, go ahead – my orchid will be a happy orchid. I have been blogging for a few years more than five in WordPress. It all needs time and patience. My “breakthrough” if you could call it so, was discovering the Daily Prompt. I am now retired and if I have time, which I usually do, I just do a daily prompt.
      Freshly Pressed seems to be the only “honour” that WordPress do, in picking a blog they find worthy. I do not know how they judge it, but either you are lucky or not. I was. Otherwise there are many other awards here, but most of them you have to contribute something to get them, and they do not seem to be official, but not less worthy.


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  5. Lovely orchids …. glad that the purple one was saved and is happily living with friends. Most certainly less lonely.

    Congrats on “Freshly Pressed” and on the number of followers. Quite the achievements I would say. 🙂


  6. Always enjoy your posts. You always beat me. I can say I knew you before you reached 1000. I always look at your counter….I’ll never get their before they take me away, before they take me away, ha ha. Think I have figured out pingbacks.



  7. Congratulations on so many followers! *o* I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many in any of the many blogs I’ve written. xD

    Also, I loved the orchids! I have a Phalaenopsis orchid that a friend gave me for my birthday earlier this year and it’s beautiful, but it’s the first orchid I’ve ever gotten, so she doesn’t have any other sisters. I do have other plants (2 ficus elastica, a bouganvillia, a daisy, a lot of jade plants, among other things), but that Phalaenopsis is the only one. It’s my first “pro” plant ever, hahaha!

    Would you mind my asking you how do you do it to make a lot of other Daily Prompt posts appear as links at the bottom of your post? I’m just curious since I’ve seen a lot of people do it, but I have no idea how they do it. xD

    Anyways, congratulations again and best regards from one of your newest readers from Chile~


    • thank you for the kind comment. I have never heard of Marily Meburg – had a quick look, big difference seems to be she is a believer. will have a further look later


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