Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap, Miley Cyrus – who?

Miley Cyrus, the 20-year-old singer who began her career as squeaky-clean star of the Hannah Montana television series, seems to have ditched that goody two-shoes image for good with her recent Video Music Awards (VMAs) performance. Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke wearing a nude bikini, made suggestive overtures to a foam finger, and caused legions to break down and Googletwerking. Did Miley’s performance cross the line, are we making too much of it, or are we missing a chance to have a more important conversation about race and sex? You be the judge.

Being an AngloSwiss and living in Europe all my life I really do not know what this is all about. Had there not been so much publicity and had I not been a blogger that sees things happening all over the world, I would not have even heard of Miley Cyrus. Just because she is a “big name” in the States, it does not mean that she had worldwide fame. Now she has more fame due to the publicity given to her performance.
Perhaps this is proof that today you only get somewhere, become famous, become a word in everyone’s mouth, if you do something that no-one else in their right mind would do. Stand on the stage as a performer (I still do not actually know what Miley Cyrus exactly does for her living), stick your tongue out, make a few strange movements with a foam finger to shock everyone, and you are talked about, noticed. This is a symbol of modern life. The media jump on a performance like this, it is their bread and butter of life and the people behind this Miley Cyrus were fully aware of this. Miley is only too glad to be a name, to be something completely different, so she does it all, silly girl.

I feel sorry for Miley Cyrus, some say she has been misunderstood and she was a victim of her managers or whatever. Miley Cyrus has a brain probably, but it seems she just thinks dollars and fame and is told the rest takes care of itself. What Madonna can do, does not mean that everyone else can do the same. Madonna did it at the peak of her career and could get away with anything, she had nothing to lose. Her fans were a fixed group. As far as I can see Miley whatever is on the way, but it is not quite clear to where. One thing is certain her performance will remain as a milestone on the journey. She might be forgotten one day if she does not make it, but somewhere sometime a person will say to another “Do you remember that performance that Miley Cyrus made at the Video Music Awards?”. The answer might be “that wasn’t something you could forget” or perhaps the answer is “Who?” Whether in ten years she will still be remembered is doubtful.

Being a golden oldie, I have seen it all over the years. Sticking the tongue out is nothing new, the Stones have been doing it as a trade mark on t-shirts and records since they existed and at every football championship match foam fingers are distributed amongst the fans, but as a symbol of encouragement. I am not sure what Miley wanted to symbolise with her foam finger and I wonder she knew what it was all about: a typical example of how to let the media use you for their own intention.

Miley Cyrus, go back to Disneyland, and forget the rest. That way you might be remembered – something like Doris Day, but certainly not a second Madonna.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap Miley Cyrus – Who?

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap, Miley Cyrus – who?

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  2. I think Miley is just a child star who ran her course but is desperate to stay significant. Everything she does is more desperate than the last, and at this point I think she is simply happy that people are still talking about her.


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  7. Actually Miley Cyrus is a pop star … the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus – pseudo one hit wonder country music star and t.v. drama series from years ago. And you’re right … not everyone in the world knows or cares. As it should be.

    Although you make the comparison to Madonna – she is actually, more to the point, her stage performances etc. are being compared to Lady Gaga – an outrageous pop star as well. It’s all very over the top shock the hell out of people etc etc.

    I appreciated your thoughts because as you’ve mentioned …. it’s a media feeding frenzy …. it’s not about genuine talent or abilities, or artistic innovation and creation. It’s all about “HEY! Look at ME!” And frankly, I don’t think it’s worth the bother. It’s all flash and shock value …. no substance.

    MC is the “little sweet girl gone bad” … hardly an interesting pursuit.


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