Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPEED.

Fine for fast driving
It is not that I am unmusical, I love music, all sorts. Hard Rock, Jazz, Chansons, even Opera and Classic. By the way can someone tell me who Miley Cyrus is? After skimming through some answers to this Daily Prompt, it seems he has the monopoly on modern day music. Do not forget, I am a Golden Oldie and am not up to date with everything in modern music life. I do remember the late Amy Winehouse, a very good singer, and mainly because many said I resemble her (only looks, not voice).

Am drifting of the subject (one of my hobbies), but basically wanted to say that I very rarely actually listen to a song when I am houseworking, writing or doing other things for the benefit of local mankind and felines. At the moment I am listening to the lawn mower as Mr. Swiss has decided the grass is again growing too fast.

Sorry to disappoint, but there will not be a third line as a title from a song I was listening to, and if there was it would probably be in German or Italian, very rarely English. So let us continue with speed. I do not mean methamphetamine, C10H15N as I am a little on the wrong side for drugs at my age. I gave up smoking fifteen years ago and I never smoked cannabis, although I did have a couple of plants in the garden. They were so nice with the five fingered leaves, but I had to throw the male plants away as they were not so nice to look at. What are you thinking? Of course they were only growing for their aesthetic beauty.

The speed I mean can be seen in the photo. My first fine for driving too fast on a Swiss road. Actually it was one of the quieter streets in the village, but somewhere they had a hidden camera or electronic speed registering machine. You just cannot trust anyone today, even the Swiss police – it was very sneaky of them, especially as the fine was addressed to Mr. Swiss. Was he annoyed, not really, he never drives to fast, but he understands all this kilometer speed stuff. I grew up with miles per hour.

Mr. Swiss opened the envelope (that was a mistake). We had two cars at the time because we both belonged to the working population. He worked about 50 kilometers away from where we lived, and I worked a mere four kilometres further along the main road. The car registration number was clearly printed on the form, so I could not talk my way out of it. I had to admit it was me. It was really only about a mere eight kilometres too fast. I was not trying to be a second Michael Schumacher, just driving to work. Now who looks at the speed when only driving a four kilometer distance? I did not, so the fine arrived ten days later by post amounting to Forty Swiss Francs. Luckily this was in the year 2008, today it would probably be twice as much.

Note I hid our address in a photo programme. We do not want any begging letters sent by Internet pirates viewing my world famous blogs in WordPress. They might steal my brilliant ideas and I really do not want to conduct a court case against them for plagiarism. I did not bother with hiding the name, there are thousands with the same name in our country. In the telephone book in one certain village the name Gerber is 90% of the population. I also added a Polaroid frame to make it more authentic, although the Swiss police can confirm that this really happened.

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

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27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

  1. if you are interested in hiding your address, you’d do well to hide your registration # as well, 12 bucks and a trip to the DMV and i could have what cars you drive, your home address, where you both work,and most likely a list of registered phone numbers. also unless it’s been more than 7 years hide the police reference number ( the digital print part across the very bottom) that can be traced from any web docket viewer to get an undedited copy of this form. The more you know.


    • Thanks for the tip, have now done the necessary.Just a couple of clicks away. Hope it is now ok, not that I am worried at my age but you never know. I do not know what the DMV is and it is now five years.


      • welcome, yeah, but there are some real jerks out there that like to do nasty things with people’s information.
        The DMV is Department of Motor Vehicles here in the U.S. but their registration/ vin database is global.

        I’m just always cautious about that stuff, (probably because cyber security is part of my job) and i’ve seen it get nasty several times.


  2. Love your interpretation of speed. Years ago my son gave me two plants to nurture . he had cancer and said it helped with sickness. They were so pretty , I’m not up on plants and just thought it was herbal. We had a greenhouse and as we were on the process of selling our home , I had no hesitation on showing the buyers. around. My son hid them next time we had visitors . Sent from my iPhone


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  4. Well, having just read your blog, after posting my own, it would seem that we came upon the same subject with the speeding fine. Sadly mine is a bit too recent and I only got my license back today. Lesson learned. Great blog post 🙂


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  13. Funny thing – I don’t drive, nor do I speak or write your language, but I just knew that was a speeding ticket. I also didn’t know what a Miley Cyrus was, and after someone explained I did not consider myself better off for knowing. Looking forward to your next post. Say hi to the kitties for me.


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