Blogger Creative Challenge: Humble

Common Corncockle (I think)

Just a humble weed
Growing where I seed
I am so small and slight
but for room I have to fight
Stretching out my roots
spreading all my fruits
I am humble, oh so small
Your garden is my call
One day you have a surprise
The humble will demise
I will take over what you sow
The other plants will go
I am just a humble weed
Growing where I seed

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10 thoughts on “Blogger Creative Challenge: Humble

  1. Thanks for the name. I wasn’t sure what it was. Tried looking in Internet. Now I know it is a campion, although they grow quite freely where I live and you have to be careful that they do not take over in the garden. I like them very much. Actually for me weeds do not exist, everything has its purpose somehow.


  2. My daughter was out in the rain today chasing those humble weeds – they were trying to take over her tomatoes and banana peppers. She got pretty muddy, but she got ’em all.


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