I had an accident

Die Mumie lebt 22.10.2009

I wish I could have bandaged my finger on my own like this, but when you want to trim the garden hedge with the cutter and instead trim the top of your finger you try to managed with the fingers that still work. Of course I shouted and walked over to Mr. Swiss who wondered what she had done this time. I failed to decapitate my finger, just part of the nail and a deep cut. Yes it was a blood bath, being diabetic my blood flows. With the aid of many paper towels I arrived at the place where we keep all the bandages. Being an ex first aid person I knew what I should do, if only my finger was not dripping and making a mess everywhere, but I did it. A compression was necessary and after treatment my finger resembled a miniature electric light bulb, but it sort of worked. I did not even time to notice the pain, it was just messy.

I decided a visit to the ER at the hospital was not necessary as my finger tip is still hanging on. I will now come to a close as my typewriter keys need cleaning, I need my first finger to type, the “f”, “r”, “t”, “g” and “v” keys which are now tinged with red.

I will now practice some Tai Chi, for that I do not need my finger


29 thoughts on “I had an accident

  1. Oh my! I do hope that you heal quickly. Those darn garden cutters just don’t seem to want to stay on the hedges do they? I wish you the best in recovery.


  2. “f”, “r”, “t”, “g” and “v”

    In Hono o he almos Decapi a ed AngloSwiss in er ip I salu e you. While eadin his, I orgo ha you had al eady pos ed you “lia ” pos ; I was wai ing for he delicious punch line.

    I hope you and you inge eel be er soon. I am wishin you a as eco e y.

    here a e no ypos in his commen .


  3. oh ouch , I hope you heal up ok , in the mean time I would follow the cats rule . an accident no I meant to do that the finger really was too long and the nail just did not look right . and since you were trimming the hedge anyway why not use the cutter .


  4. Oh, Mrs. Human, OUCH. I must say, you handled it with much more grace than I would have. Hope the catpanions noticed your distress and have comforted you properly. At any rate, I do hope you get better soon.


      • I hope it stops hurting soon. My felines have no sympathy either. I asked them. But I did have one cat who, when I was ill, would get in bed with me and never leave my side until I was well again. Unfortunately, she is gone now, and I miss her, as I miss all my kitties who are gone.


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