Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegience

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COUNTRY.

Frau Engle, Kasse, Migros

One of the lovely ladies that serves at the cash desk in our local supermarket. I have known her for years and yes, she is Swiss. Although who cares where she is from, she does her job well and she is part of my shopping routine. Our shop ladies do not always wear patriotic aprons when working, but this happened to be the year when Switzerland, together with Austria, was hosting the European cup.

Where do I stand with my patriotism? To be quite honest, nowhere. I lived the first twenty years of my life in London, England and the rest, now approaching 47 years, in Switzerland. Do I stand up and do what English do when I hear the British National Anthem – No. I do not even know what the British do when they hear the National Anthem, except for standing up. If I hear the Swiss national Anthem, do I sing along. Although I really like the tune, I still do not know the words, a bit complicated for my English brain. Mr. Swiss finds I am not patriot and I admit it, I am not. If England and Switzerland play against each other in soccer game, who do I support? Basically I do support the Swiss, although they rarely have a chance of winning: just a fact that you have to support someone somewhere along the line.

I just do not do patriotism, I do tolerance. I have my likes and dislikes in the world. We are all human. The British prime minister, what’s his name, wanted to go to war – again against a country somewhere near Israel (that’s a problem for a start), but the majority of the members of parliament said No, so a very disappointed prime minister went home with worries if he might be re-elected in the next election. I am not discussing whether this was right or not, but I am sure that David Cameron’s (yes that’s the bloke I mean) main problem was getting things organised to his idea.

So not being patriotic, I do not have a lot to say. I pay my taxes in Switzerland, because I live here. I even paid taxes in England for a couple of years before I left. I have a pension from Switzerland and even a small amount from Great Britain (thanks to the advice from the Swiss government telling me how to do it). I know I can be counted lucky living in a safe, bank friendly Switzerland where you only know it exists if same rich people in other countries decide to hide their money there, when it can become a little embarrassing for the Swiss politicians, as they are not used to making international decisions.

So for a while I will bury this patiorism thing. Today is the first day of the Swiss Wrestling championships in Burgdorf. You have never heard of them – that is where patriotism starts in Switzerland – no-one has ever heard of them. OK, you have a circle of sawdust, two grown men dressed in a patriotic shirt with edelweiss embroidery, wearing strong trousers and training shoes. Over the trousers they wear a sort of special short trouser with a belt (the belt is important), made again of strong material. The idea is that one of the men land on their back on the sawdust when the other man grips them by the belt and pulls them down. The man on his back loses. The top winner of the game goes home with a bull. Not just a bull, but a bull that he can use to breed other cows. A special bull with mega dangly bits.

This is a short version of the whole patriotic fun. Burgdorf is in Emmental, where my husband’s family have their origins. Before you ask, he is not a Swiss Wrestler, he prefers to play drums in a modern jazz group. Anyhow here is a patriotic film all about Burgdorf and the dialogue is about the Swiss Wrestling, known in our funny German as “Schwingen. You will not understand a word, I do as this is the language I speak, but have fun.

and now I am sure you are longing to see a Swiss Wrestling match. Who knows your country might want to do it as well. We carry out our fights on sawdust.

I do not usually plaster my daily blogs with videos, but this is an exception. After all today we are supposed to be doing patriotism.

Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegience

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Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SNEAKY.


By reputation snakes are sneaky. Luckily I was separated by glass from this one at an exhibition in the nearby town of Biel/Bienne – see my reflection with the camera in the background?

It was a long odyssey I took upon myself before I arrived in the Elysium fields of WordPress. Yahoo 350 collapsed, Multiply went to the traders and eventually collapsed and via Blogger (which is a sort of solo act with a few spectators few and far between) I found my place in WordPress. I had actually been in WordPress for some time, just using it as a backup for my stories and poems in case something would happen. Something did happen and so I had my foot on the Blogger and the WordPress banks of the river. This exercise became tiring on my legs. Eternal splits was not my thing and then I discovered Daily Prompts. Some magical signal struck me from the computer terminal, a finger reached out and penetrated my brain, or perhaps it was just by chance that the words “Daily Prompt” were illuminated on my computer.

Actually I just happened to see it at the right time being in the right place. With my usual motto in life, you have nothing to lose; I did my first daily prompt and discovered I was not alone on my journey. There were others, lost blogging souls that had arrived at the haven of prompt, not only prompt now and again but daily. My intention was perhaps not to do it daily, but being a golden oldie, and not having anything better to do with a lost hour in the afternoon, I arrived. I soon realised I was not the only wandering deity in this world of blog. I have even got to know some other bloggers, through their masterpieces of writing. We all have a different view on the topic, but that makes life interesting. I do try to read other daily blogging prompts, time permitting.

Even my felines look forward each day to the appearance of the daily prompt on their pawpads, hoping that Mrs. Human will give them a chance to unfold their views on the human race, or bring the world of feline closer to all of us. This eventually lead to the result that I was forced at pawpoint to create a WordPress Site for my felines, although unfortunately it has been somewhat neglected. My felines prefer to play where the action is, on my blog. Now and again I sneak a copy over to the feline blog for their faithful followers.

As far as being a useful exercise is concerned, I say a big YES. Living 46 years in a country where I speak Swiss German all day, and very rarely English, I have discovered the chance to renew and deepen my knowledge of my maternal language. To be honest, now and again I look for the English meaning of the German word to complete my prize suspect blogs. Another help is auntie Internet with her supply of synonyms and antonyms, to ensure a versatile choice of words (here I am divulging the secrets of my daily prompts).

As far as being limited is concerned, I do my own thing most of the time but the prompt is there as a guide line an anchor when the seas of blog get choppy. Whether they are “hokey” or not, I am not sure, not knowing this word. The Free Dictionary on Internet tells me it means, corny, sentimental, contrived, phoney. This has complicated the problem, so I say make your own mind up about hokey. I do not feel hokey about anything here.

And now to psychologically prepare myself for the next Daily Prompt. It is twenty-four hours away, but time passes quickly when you are a golden oldie and you never know, it might be your last daily prompt. I can see the grave inscription now “She is no longer amongst us, but her Daily Prompts are still present” or something in that line of things.

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

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Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPEED.

Fine for fast driving
It is not that I am unmusical, I love music, all sorts. Hard Rock, Jazz, Chansons, even Opera and Classic. By the way can someone tell me who Miley Cyrus is? After skimming through some answers to this Daily Prompt, it seems he has the monopoly on modern day music. Do not forget, I am a Golden Oldie and am not up to date with everything in modern music life. I do remember the late Amy Winehouse, a very good singer, and mainly because many said I resemble her (only looks, not voice).

Am drifting of the subject (one of my hobbies), but basically wanted to say that I very rarely actually listen to a song when I am houseworking, writing or doing other things for the benefit of local mankind and felines. At the moment I am listening to the lawn mower as Mr. Swiss has decided the grass is again growing too fast.

Sorry to disappoint, but there will not be a third line as a title from a song I was listening to, and if there was it would probably be in German or Italian, very rarely English. So let us continue with speed. I do not mean methamphetamine, C10H15N as I am a little on the wrong side for drugs at my age. I gave up smoking fifteen years ago and I never smoked cannabis, although I did have a couple of plants in the garden. They were so nice with the five fingered leaves, but I had to throw the male plants away as they were not so nice to look at. What are you thinking? Of course they were only growing for their aesthetic beauty.

The speed I mean can be seen in the photo. My first fine for driving too fast on a Swiss road. Actually it was one of the quieter streets in the village, but somewhere they had a hidden camera or electronic speed registering machine. You just cannot trust anyone today, even the Swiss police – it was very sneaky of them, especially as the fine was addressed to Mr. Swiss. Was he annoyed, not really, he never drives to fast, but he understands all this kilometer speed stuff. I grew up with miles per hour.

Mr. Swiss opened the envelope (that was a mistake). We had two cars at the time because we both belonged to the working population. He worked about 50 kilometers away from where we lived, and I worked a mere four kilometres further along the main road. The car registration number was clearly printed on the form, so I could not talk my way out of it. I had to admit it was me. It was really only about a mere eight kilometres too fast. I was not trying to be a second Michael Schumacher, just driving to work. Now who looks at the speed when only driving a four kilometer distance? I did not, so the fine arrived ten days later by post amounting to Forty Swiss Francs. Luckily this was in the year 2008, today it would probably be twice as much.

Note I hid our address in a photo programme. We do not want any begging letters sent by Internet pirates viewing my world famous blogs in WordPress. They might steal my brilliant ideas and I really do not want to conduct a court case against them for plagiarism. I did not bother with hiding the name, there are thousands with the same name in our country. In the telephone book in one certain village the name Gerber is 90% of the population. I also added a Polaroid frame to make it more authentic, although the Swiss police can confirm that this really happened.

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

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Weekly Writing challenge: Leav’em wanting more

Go for a classic genre of suspense: write a horror story, using the break to build tension as your readers move to the next page.
Weekly Writing Challenge: Leav’em wanting more

The Writer sat at the computer and studied his next challenge. Challenges were important to him. He had completed every challenge to perfection. He had learned to follow every sign, every information, every instruction on the template. He knew what he was doing and now for the first time he could use the so-called More button. The one that had been staring at him for so long. Two think lines enclosing three dots. The Writer knew it must be something important. Something his blogging sensation needed to sooth the prickles that tickled the back of his neck when he was ready to blog, to partake in a worldwide experience, reserved for only those that knew.

This time he was writing without making a draft in his Word page. He was not even using the Wordpad. Just to be certain it would work, he wrote direct into the posting system. He could take no chance of strange codes, programmes, text forms, taking over his perfect work. A Java text configuration would have been poison, death, to his creation. His fingers trembled as he touched the keys, waiting for that important moment to impart a continuation of his story. The perfection of his text. A solution to the tense atmosphere he had developed in this, his so important text, releasing the tensity of his presentation. How long could he persevere, maintain the atmosphere hanging in the balance until the unfolding of its true meaning appeared on the next page where more would be waiting.

It was now or never and so he pressed the dubious button, the More, as a release to his nervosity.

It was now or never

Blogger Creative Challenge: Humble

Common Corncockle (I think)

Just a humble weed
Growing where I seed
I am so small and slight
but for room I have to fight
Stretching out my roots
spreading all my fruits
I am humble, oh so small
Your garden is my call
One day you have a surprise
The humble will demise
I will take over what you sow
The other plants will go
I am just a humble weed
Growing where I seed

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Daily Prompt: Ready for your Close-Up

Cast the movie of your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SUPERSTAR.

Pat 16 years

Stop laughing please, yes this teenage beauty with the curves in the right places (before everything went South) is me, dressed in one of my Marks and Spencer sexy nighdresses. Unfortunately this photo only exists for I, me and myself, taken by mum when once on holiday, and was never opened to the public, otherwise I would now be telling you all how I won my first (and only) Oscar. Based on this photo, casting me in my younger days, of course, Brigitte Bardot with a dark wig would be the nearest thing, I am sure. Back to reality, things turned out different.

Having a private discussion with Mr. Swiss, whose opinion I nearly always value, we came to the conclusion that if a film was made showing me as I would be today, then it seems that Barbara Streisland would be the best fit. It seems we have a strong resemblance concerning the size and shape of the nose. Needless to say there were a few moments of silence, between me and Mr. Swiss for a while, but I got my revenge.

Who will play Mr. Swiss in the film of my life, no-one other than……. Bruce Willis. Ok it all started when he stopped cutting his hair, finding it was cheaper to do it all with an electric hair trimmer. Takes no time in the bathroom, there is no problem about where to leave the hair parting, and above all, I like it. I am sorry to say there are no photos to this effect. Mr. Swiss wishes to remain anonymous, a guiding figure in the background: he also said that his rôle would only be that of a supporting actor and wishes only to appear in the credit titles. At least Bruce Willis will be a cheap solution, if I only need his name at the end. Mr. Swiss just added that in his younger years he had a remarkable resemblance to Jean Louis Trintignant. Unfortunately this French film star is now over eighty years old. I contacted him, but he turned the opportunity down, as he is now only accepting awards and not available for active film work.

My sons decided they do not want to appear in the film of my life. I suggested Brad Pitt and George Clooney to take their parts, but they said no. That is a mum thing, and not something that sons would like to be.

My feline Nera, was immediately there with her paw in the air, but I had to disappoint her. Garfield is a male feline, a tom cat, and has red fur. I do not have any cats with red fur. I suggested Felix the cat, but she threw a bowl of tuna fish at me. When she does that, the answer is definitely a hissing No.

I decided that George Raft would be ideal as my dad. They can both dance, although the voice may not be authentic. Dad is more in the Bing Crosby direction. Helen Mirren is definitely the choice for my mother, she was Queen Elizabeth II in a film and so she would definitely meet my requirement.

So there we have it, the film of the year. WordPress are you reading me. Please make the necessary connections and I will only accept Quentin Tarantino as the director, I like his satirical lines and weird stories . I am sure that would fit the bill for the film of my life.

I nearly forgot – here is a Barabara Streisland lookalike.


When I think of it, what has Barbara Streisland got that I have not? OK, she can sing, but otherwise I could dub my singing voice. I think I will do it all by myself. My chance to thank everyone when I receive my long expected Oscar.

Daily Prompt: Ready for your Close-Up

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Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VICTORY.


“Felines, what is that sitting on the table? It looks like a golden chicken.”

“It is a golden chicken Mrs. Human, a reward for your services as official slave to my esteemed self, Tabby my litter sister and assistant, and Fluffy, our honourable apprentice. Not every feline slave is awarded such an honour by the court of Bast, and you should now show your gratitude by preparing a speech to be delivered to the local feline population. They are awaiting you wise words outside in our territory.” And so spoke Nera the chief feline.

I took a peek through the window and was astonished to see the complete feline population of the village sitting outside.

“But Nera, I am totally unprepared.”

“No Problem Mrs. Human, I though you would be, so I wrote it myself, you can just read it.”

I began

“It is with pleasure that I receive the award of the golden chicken for my constant labour to ensure that the three felines that own me are satisfied and happy. I had a long road to take to achieve this balance of give and take, but it seems that I have achieved the perfect result with giving and my felines find that taking for them has been a reward worth waiting for.

It is not an easy task to become a perfect slave, fulfilling the wishes and giving my best for the felines that adopted me. All beginnings are difficult, but thanks to the guiding paw of Nera, my chief disciplinarian and slave master, I have achieved perfection in my task and today receive my reward, the Golden Chicken.”

Here I had to pause whilst the felines clapped with their paws and meowed in approval. I then continued.

“I would not be standing here today, were it not for the support and encouragement of Nera, my slave driver and her team. Thanks to their guidance I soon learned that just serving one helping of tuna fish per week does not qualify to become a true feline slave. It is to be served at least three times during the week. Vitamine pellets are no substitute for tuna fish, but are to be regarded as an addition to the feline diet.

The feline tray is to be emptied regularly and no traces of the recycling process are to be left. Feline fur should be brushed immediately from the surfaces of their cushions. Their places of relaxation are to be revered and treated as blessed, a quiet place for meditation and restful sleep. Their territory is to be regarded as a sacred place, where no other felines are to tread and it is my duty to ensure that this rule is obeyed.”

The last sentence was greeted with a few hisses amongst some of the feline spectators, but Nera put them to order with protruding claws and threatening gestures.

“And now it seems, after receiving this token of recognition for my eternal duties to my three felines, the prize will now be cooked and served to all felines present at this presentation. May Bast be with you all.”

I found it strange that an award I had received will now be taken from me and served to the feline audience. Whilst they were tearing pieces of flesh from the bones of the chicken I had a few words with Nera.

“Nera I do not get this. I read the speech you prepared. I cannot say I was entirely in agreement with the words, but now all the felines in the neighbourhood are eating my prize.”

“Mrs. Human, we are felines, you are our slave. Since when do slaves get the breast of the chicken. There might be a wing or some of the parson’s nose left for you, if my feline colleagues agree.”

Today I learnt something: never trust a feline when they want to give you something. There is always a drawback somewhere.

Daily Prompt: I’d Like to thank My Cats

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Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny? What role does humor play in your life? Who’s the funniest person you know?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.

Nera watching a bird programme on TV

There are times in the life of a feline when we find something funny. Note the feline does not find it funny; it is pursuing a serious quest, observing a large bird sitting in a nest. Perhaps the feline, known as Nera, believes that this is reality. The bird might fall out of the nest, and a tasty meal will be waiting. We humans see this from a different point of view. Nera is sitting on the floor in the living room watching the TV. We consider this funny, so funny, that Mrs. Human grabs her DSLR camera and hopes that Nera stays for a few minutes to take the Wildlife photo of the year (we return to awards – ah, that was yesterday). You may think this is not wildlife, just a housecat. For Nera there is no such thing as a house cat, she is special execution, as all felines, and does not intend to be the joke of the family.

I do not actually consider myself funny, although perhaps a golden oldie at a local pop concert with her son might be thought of as such. I was going yesterday to watch Philipp Blue Doegg Gerber with J.C.Wirth and Fready Steady but the weather was not so good, so I stayed at home. You have never heard of these musicians from my adopted home town of Solothurn? Here is a sample (bear with the Swiss German at the beginning, you get some good bluesy music eventually).

My humour is perhaps on the dark side of life, not that I enjoy a good murder, but I do tend to find things funny that others may not. I have discovered on my ironic, sarcastic, incomprehensible journey through life, that you can find humour in everything. Mr. Swiss is not always the same opinion, finding that not everyone may understand my humour. Me? I am 66 years old, do not know how long I will be around, so let us make the most of the time that is left. Not that I endeavour the happiest funeral of all time, but I hope someone peps it up with a good speech.

I find there are always situations where a touch of humour could lighten things up. We once had a boss in the office. He was OK, the sonny boy, god’s gift to women (so he thought). As a boss he left you in peace with the work, just saying “make sure that is fixed”. How you fixed it he never wanted to know. One Christmas I decided to brighten up the department which was filled with boring desks, telephones and shelves of files, garnished with computers, terminals and their connecting wires. To add a touch of nature to the department we had a large palm tree. Actually it was mine, but in the way at home, so I took it to the office to add some highlights to our office routine. I had bought some Christmas goodies in the local supermarket, chocolate covered Santa Claus, edible tree decorations and some sparkly tinsel to drape over the branches. OK, not exactly for a palm tree, but we did not have a Christmas tree. Everyone was thrilled in the deparment (5 young ladies waiting for Mr. Right) and our boss? He entered the department in the early morning hours, cried for his coffee (poor man never learnt now to operate a coffee machine – not a man’s job I suppose) and his eyes found the palm tree. He ate a chocolate Christmas star, and then asked what that was supposed to be, studying the bright and shiny palm tree – with Christmas lights of course and looked at me. So as I said, and as Mr. Swiss had often told me, not everyone shares my taste in humour. I think Scrooge boss never knew what humour was.

The funniest person I know has not yet been created. He is distributed according to what he is doing, where he is and whether it appeals to my black and morbid sense of humour. Seriously speaking, I suppose humour is an important part of my life. In every dark corner, there is a spark of amusement, you sometimes have to search, but it is there.

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

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Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EFFORT.

Slug jogging

The life of a slug can be like the life of a blogger. To get where you want to go it takes time, patience, there is no rush, Rome was not built in a day (they still have a couple of ruins to clear away) and where do you want to go?

What is a blog – of course, we all know. It is a possibility to show our brilliant talents, our gifts of writing literature to change the world. One day to win the Nobel prize for blogger of the year, of all time. I am sure we are all on the way just like the two slugs in my photo. They are also on the way and one day week year they may reach what they are striving for.

If I started a questionnaire amongst my friends and relations about my blogging they would probably ask “What is a blog?” so you see the obstacles in my way to achieve fame and fortune and the Nobel prize for blog. We can be content with our likes, without our followers, but they all belong to a closed corporation going under the name of WordPress, a society almost something like free masons. We recognise each other, we perhaps even have a daily contact, we might regularly pingback, be a disciple follower, but is this the essence of success. We are perhaps all striving for the ultimate recognition, waiting for someone to notice our 50 shades of blog. I have a motto in life for taking risks, “what do I have to lose?”.

As my genius has not yet been recognised worldwide, I can still continue on my voyage to recognition of my brilliant works of blog. It can only get better (or worse?). Why do I attack The Daily Prompt nearly every day, because it is there and because I am too lazy to find things myself to blog about. It also helps on my quest to fame and recognition. I have met many other wandering bloggers on the way, good interesting bloggers, and I no longer feel so alone on my quest for the Pulitzer prize.

I might consider myself a successful blogger even if I have only one like per day, meaning that somewhere in this bloggy world there is a person that makes a fatal click on a “like” just for me. I do not feel so alone, I have achieved a like. I might even receive a Pingback. To be honest I am still working on that one. I am Pingbacking all over the place at the moment.  It is fun and makes a nice long completion to my words of wisdom.

What am I striving for: a very good question. At the moment I am striving for 1,000 followers in the WordPress world of blogging. I will then have a badge to display telling the world that one thousand people are following my footsteps. I am now up to 912 faithful converts supporters, so if anyone would chance to visit this fantastic unique Angloswiss blog, please do not leave without joining the club and becoming a dedicated follower of I, me and myself. It is free, costs nothing, but may help to increase my chance of at last achieving my Pulitzer prize and having my blogs published to leave a mark in this world when I am one day in the happy blogging grounds. It seems to me that people always achieve more fame when they are no longer amongst us.

On a lingering note of remembrance for our fellow bloggers that are still climbing the ladder to blogging success and tearing their hair out in frustration, do not forget the slugs in our life garden. They thrive and appear in countless numbers after a shower of rain, and so are we bloggers. Have faith, we may have a slow start, but with perseverance, patience and our gifted writings, one day we will arrive. My slugs always arrive, if no-one pours salt on them on the way.

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

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