Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.


This photo of part of my kitchen looks bare. Has no atmosphere, something like a hospital ward. It is dead, no life. Now if you could see my computer sitting on the breakfast table in the morning, it would live.

Who needs a computer? Life without one is no problem. I would arise in the morning, go to the kitchen, make some breakfast (usually cereal), a cup of breakfast tea, sit at the table and ……… Yes well, I would eat my breakfast of course, look out of the window and find the world is OK, Everything in its place, but not quite. I would have restless fingers, restless eyes and worst of all a restless brain. Switching the radio on is not the same. So where is it? The part of my breakfast life which has accompanied me since the invention of the lap top.

I have to check to find out what has happened in FB, e-mail life, and my blogging sites through the Swiss night. Did anyone actually make a click on yesterday’s masterpiece of blogging literature, did someone stray to my blog and decide their day would be incomplete without reading the wise words of Angloswiss. Proably not, but I can always hope.

There is now a further problem. There is no Blog, no e-mail, no words from the Facebook universe, because it all does not exist. I sit at am empty table, spooning my breakfast cereal and sipping tea. Something is missing. Yes, the milk stains on the black shiny surface of my beloved computer. There is no computer. Ok, no problem, of course I can be without. I stopped smoking 15 years ago, so everything is possible. Me a computer addict? Never. I would eat my breakfast with an incomplete feeling in my body and carry on with my daily housework chores as usual in the morning. Did I run the crap cleaner, the spyware doctor before closing down my faithful, trusty friend, the computer. You see, I have more time because there is no computer and all these trivial routines are no longer necessary.

“Are you ready to go shopping” I ask Mr. Swiss.

“No, not yet. What is going on? We have another hour and I am not ready to go anywhere” is the Mr. Swiss answer.

I have an extra hour, I have completed time saving without multi tasking. My housework is completed, my visit to the shower is long behind me and now I am bored. I could play a brainless Facebook game (Candy Crush is my favourite at the moment), but even this enjoyment is missing. I have no computer. Read a book – on my Kindle or iPad – ok, you know the answer.

Eventually lunch time arrives. No I do not miss my computer, because it is safely stashed away in its own little place until the afternoon if I have one. Whilst I am cooking lunch I like to have a peek at my iPad to see if ….. OK, forget it, iPad does not exist, so I just cook. After lunch Mr. Swiss and I tidy the kitchen and sit down to a coffee/tea outside on the patio (weather permitting): Mr. Swiss reading the newspaper and me, also reading the newspaper on my iPad of course (forget it, no news today, no iPad) and afterwards play a brainless game (you got it).

After a golden oldie midday sleep it is time to see what the Daily Prompt requests, ok no Daily Prompt, so I could do some knitting because I have not yet found the computer that knits, although I have forgotten how to knit I think. I could take a walk to the post office to pay my bills (no online banking sitting comfortably at the computer). A photo safari would be an idea, no computer replaces the camera, or does it? The happy hours I have spent uploading my Pulitzer Prize suspicious photos on Flickr, Picasa or whatever the programmes are called, tuning them up with Photoshop and sorting them are a thing of the past. I would have to take the film to be developed to a shop, which would mean taking a walk, the car or a bus.

I decide to read a book, but after five minutes it already weighs heavy in my hand, and turning the pages is so exhausting. I have finished my book, and will download another. Sorry, I will get dressed and visit the local bookshop, or the library to choose a new book.

Evening arrives; I have survived without a computer. I usually like to read in the evening outside, but must illuminate the porch, as my book does not have a built in light. You think that is a problem, yes it is. I am being eaten alive by the various flying blood sucking insects that have been magnetized by the lamp, so I flee inside. I switch the light on and continue reading whilst Mr. Swiss watches television.

“What did you say? The light bothers you.”

I go to bed.

Life without computer is really no problem, just a matter of getting used to it.

There would be no unemployment, everyone has something to do, the computer does not exist. Perhaps Bill Gates is working for MacDonalds selling hamburgers. We would all be talking to each other at the bus stop, just like the old days instead of poking around on our iPhones finding an interesting site to read or playing some sort of game. The world without computer does have a lot to offer I suppose.

And now to wrap up this Daily Prompt, that I wrote on my computer, whilst Mr. Swiss listens to music on his iPod. Oh, isn’t life wonderful when you are online?

Daily Prompt: Life after Blogs