Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.


I do not know if this is transition. I think if I was younger, I might have been a Goth.  You know, the ones wearing black all the time, from finger nails to lips. This is me at the local cemetery in Winter some years ago, not an advert for a horror film.

It would be easier to think of a topic or issue where I did not switch my opinion. I am switching it all the time. I just like to leave the others with a feeling of uncertainty; you are always a step ahead. After all I am the female of the species.  Men just do not listen all the time especially when we women issue a command. Quite useful really, just do it all the same and when they question the action, tell them you did ask after all. They have a feeling of uncertainty, not knowing whether they agreed or not – use the advantage you have as the female of the species.

I never actually wore flip flops: not very comfortable. After some time it seems that one of my toes, the big one, has left its partners. Uncertainty in walking and a tendency to fall in the most stupid places: thus bare feet in summer or comfortable summer shoes (usually old lady fitness sandles or flat shoes).

I was a coffee drinker, but my body (digestive system) disagreed. Three years ago I drank my last cup of coffee and since have become a tea drinker. Nothing special, just the basics, but I am now a happy tea drinker; a tea bag in a cup, pour hot water over it, leave it to settle and drink. I need no sugar or milk; I drink it pure – the real hard stuff.

I used to smoke, strong ones, a packet a day. I did cold turkey and today am smoke free since 15 years, the biggest flip flop I ever did. Why: because of the cost, and every time I was in hospital for an operation one of the questions on the form before you had an aneasthetic was “Do you smoke”. I would write “yes”, but it got me thinking. One day I might be put to sleep and never wake up. I decided I was too young. Today my nails have grown to a normal size again. Unfortunately the ten kilo weight increase has remained, but you cannot have everything.

I changed my mind about the computer. At the beginning, in the dark ages, I did not want a computer (these were really dark ages, Bill Gates was still wondering what to do because IBM kept him waiting). Mr. Swiss was aleady working with a pre windows system in the office, like DOS and all that jazz. He was quite good at it and he decided a computer would be something. I said nothing, but a couple of years later I decided having one computer between us was not satisfactory, so I bought my own. Many cyber years later we now have five computers. I have two, Mr. Swiss has two and we have one only for online banking. How flip flop can you get.

Otherwise the flippy floppy decisions I make are not really worth mentioning. I never ate fat on the meat when I was a child. Today I love a nice piece of boiled bacon. In the hot summer weather, I just cooled down outside. Now I have learnt (with a little convincing from Mr. Swiss) that in summer all the windows are to be closed, the blinds closed and the doors closed. The result is it stays cool inside. One of the things we English never knew. It seems to be a mainland Europe way of life. I still sit outside as I seem to have a claustrophobic feeling with all these closed places, but I did a flip flop (if I do not forget).

I just hate writing Daily Prompts using the word “I” at the beginning of every sentence. It really seems to be about I, me and myself. What a conceited and selfish writer I must be. Must change that somehow,…… flip flop, flip flop, flip flop, flip flop. Please do this to the “I” word = I, cross it out. The Bill Gates machine has an app somewhere for that. Thank you, now that is better but I do not know if this egocentric selfish blog will now read like a normal unflipflopped blog.

Daily Prompt: Flip Flop