Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DREAMS.

transparent castle in the air

A castle in the air – Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

Not too bad, just too many windows and rooms, just a two minute walk from where I live.

When we bought our place it was still in the raw condition so we could say how we wanted the finished product. The two window fronts were ok, nice friendly-to-clean windows. We chose stone tiles on the floors and parquet, not being a friend of fitted carpet. They were the basics. The remainder: the atmosphere and ambiance, you do that yourself. There are no dream home plans for a happy family.

And then the felines arrived. We decided that felines belong in the living room mainly and their food place is in the kitchen. We thought wrong.

I called my chief feline Nera “out of the bedroom, it is reserved for humans”.

“Mrs. Human, I see no human in this room at the moment, just a nice big soft comfortable bed with plenty of room for I, me and myself, and even my litter sister Tabby. Tabby, look you can take a sleep here.”

“Ideal, Nera, move over. I have a better idea, just a moment” and Tabby disappeared under the bed cover.

“No Tabby, this is human territory and bed covers are there to protect the sheets and duvet, not to make a comfortable nest for a feline.” This was really not my idea of an ideal home.

“Fluffy, stop sharpening your claws on the sheet, it is finest jersey weave, you are making holes in the sheet.”

“Mrs. Human, keep your fur skin on, it is ideal for a feline, I am just marking my territory.”

“No Fluffy, I do not want your scent on my bedding, for that reason I have a large cover over the bed to keep everything feline-hair-free.”

“Calm down Mrs. Human” said Nera “Fluffy is just making things more homely.”

It seems if you are adopted by felines, then the home planning does get altered. There are territorial rights to be observed. I remember when my youngest son paid us a visit for a few days.

“Mrs. Human, your overgrown kitten is sleeping in our room.”

“Nera, it is not your room, it is the spare room and he is only here for a few days.”  The result was that my son over grown kitten shared his room with the felines while he was here. They slept on top of the wardrobe and he slept in a bed below. Of course, he could not shut the bedroom door at night because the felines are nocturnal. They have quite an active phase during the night, visiting their cat tray, perhaps taking a walk outside in the garden and they must have free access to everything.

He was not very happy when they decided to share his bed, sleeping on the cover, but felines take over. You say they are our pets – forget it. We are their servants.

The bathroom – that is of course human territory, but only during the summer. We have floor heating, our winters are rather cold in Switzerland and the felines, especially Tabby, discovered that there is nothing better as a perfect bathroom, closed in on all sides, and a comfortable bath mat conserving the warmth from the floor.

“Tabby do you have to sleep in the bathroom. We have a problem when we want to use the toilet.”

“Yes, it is true Mrs. Human. I have to move every time – most inconvenient.”

You just cannot win with a feline.

Tabby in the bath

Daily Prompt: Dream Home