Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

If you normally write non-fiction, post a photo. If you normally post images, write fiction. If you normally write fiction, write a poem. If you normally write poetry, draw a picture.

(New) photographers, artists, poets: show us OPPOSITE.

Problem being that I do everything. I noticed the prompts we have had lately lead me to tell everyone how good I am (me being a modest type of person). I decided today to choose a photo with some poetry, discovering my muse. I do not often write poetry, it usually does not rhyme. This prompt tells me it is “Potluck”, so I chose a photo I took yesterday morning in the town of Solothurn, Switzerland, on our weekly Saturday morning market day. Played with it in a photo programme. The musician in the photo is always there, in the same place. He is dressed in the style of a German troubadour from the early middle ages, and his songs are love songs. In German he is known as a Minnesänger. So here we go.

market singer

The years pass
Hair becomes grey
but still maintains its strength
The troubadour awakens
Time to share the melancholy of unrequited love
To sing the songs of mystic days
Capturing the hearts and spirits of the ladies fair

He dons his blouse with billowing sleeves
and takes his fashionable cap
The instrument tuned
Am I ready? Is this what the ladies are pleased to see?
With a last glance in the mirror checking that all is perfect
A journey begins

He sings with a sweet voice
Birds listen intense
Who is this competing with our song?
Two young ladies walk past
Talking of fashion
Shall I buy short, or mini?
Ignoring the lyrical words of love
From the troubadour
Troubadours now play an electric guitar
accompanied by music loud with a beat
Also dress in blue
Blues of the American troubadour Levi Strauss
Not the blues of medieval life

The troubadour has sung from the heart
He can no more
It is now time to go
People pass him on the street
wondering why he wears such strange clothing
Not knowing that he is the last troubadour

Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Opposite Day

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  6. Thank you everyone. I had been meaning to write something about our “troubadour” for some time. First of all I had to sneak the photo,as I am not sure if he likes to be photographed. He has been around for many years, growing older like most of us. Just one of life’s fascinating characters.


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