Daily Prompt: Earworm

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INSPIRATION.

What an inspiring prompt we have today.

“Write whatever you normally write about.”

I normally write about what the daily prompt suggests to write about. One of the reasons I like the daily prompt is that I am never lost for something to write about. When you do it all on your own, you run out of ideas. Now today it seems the one and only reliable daily prompt has also perhaps lost the thread somewhere: but No, read further.

“Weave in a book quote, film quote or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.”

I don’t watch many films; prefer to sit outside in the fresh summer air, so no quotes. Perhaps “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me” by Mae West in the film “She Done Him Wrong”. No I do not think so, not exactly ideal for a family WordPress blog.

Song lyric: I forget most of them these days, and they would probably be in Italian or German so not much luck there with the international public belonging to my fan club and intensely grasping every wise word I use in my daily blogs..

I am left with a book quote. What am I reading at the moment? I decided to catch up on the Neil Gaiman book “American Gods”. Just yesterday I read that the main character in the novel known as Shadow bought a second hand car known as a “Pee-Oh-Ess” (piece of shit) because he had to drive to a place called Kay-Ro somewhere in Little Egypt in the States. He didn’t even know what colour the car was because it was so dirty. After driving a few hundred miles he had it washed and found out that it was white of all colours and there was practically no rust. The car had a radio but when Shadow switched it on nothing happened; main thing was the car moved and served its purpose.

So it got me thinking, how many cars have we possessed that would go under the name of a “Pee-Oh-Ess”, probably many. I remember our first family car, a Volkswagen Beatle. Just two doors and it was white. Many years ago we all drove off to the Western part of Switzerland: Mr. Swiss, me and two of my childenI believe No. 3 was on the way, my first. On the way home we sort of drove over a stone, perhaps a dead animal, or a boulder. One way or the other it seemed to do something to the braking power, so we drove home without brakes, only 100 kilometers, but we survived. Needless to say Volkswagen Beetle increased in the “Pee-Oh-Ess” rating and become a Mega “Pee-Oh-Ess”. I believe it was the last journey our “Pee-Oh-Ess” made and afterwards he went to the Car burial grounds.

We had a Simca, we had two Simcas (they no longer exist). I think it was the nice stripy coloured seats it had that really made me fall in love with the cars. Yes they were “Pee-Oh-Ess” in plural so Simca was no longer in the selection. We progressed to Honda. They were lovely cars, not qualifying for the “Pee-Oh-Ess” romantic.

Our Volvo

Eventually Mr. Swiss was working for a large car manufacturer centered in Sweden beginning with “V” and ending with an “o”. Definitely not “Pee-Oh-Ess”. Even I felt comfortable behind the wheel of such a power machine. Everyone on the road just moved out of the way when I came with my super large V..o car. I learned to drive with an automatic gear change, disadvantage being that I forgot how to change gears, our car future was embedded in automatic gear change.

So the days of “Pee-Oh-Ess” cars were gone forever in our family.

Amazing what you can write when the prompt is so super inspiring and not a “Pee-Oh-Ess”.

Daily Prompt: Earworm

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Earworm

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  5. You got me good at American Gods, one of my favorite books, and I also had a VW Beetle with “automatic shift” meaning that though it had the stick shift, there was no clutch to worry about, followed by a VW Cabriolet convertible, another “pee-oh-ess” but being able to drive it with the top down made it less so 🙂


    • I am really enjoying this book, appeals to the black side of my humour. By the way we now have a new car, Skoda, perfect, just right for two golden olidies like us and a pee-oh-pee (piece of perfection).


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