Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

Nettle leaved Bellflower

Nettle Leaved Bell flower – outside in the garden at this very moment in time

Is this a sort of joke or are the daily prompt people tired of reading what we write? If I did not want anyone to read my blog, I would not blog. I would cancel my membership of Facebook, leave Blogspot (my backup blog) and cast Twitter to the Tweeters. WordPress would disappear as No 1 on my list of bookmarks. What a sad boring world that would be.

I am a blogger, therefore I blog.

On second thoughts it might be better if the British and Swiss government did not read my blogs all of the time, there might be some politically incorrect items that should not be known. I cannot risk losing my Swiss and British nationality and I am sure that Wikileaks would not help me to find another country or party to support me. Such publicity might damage my reputation in the blogging world. The secrets of how to cook a perfect rosti, or cheese fondue do not merit political asylum being granted in Russia, and diverging whether there was really horse meat in certain British frozen food products is no longer interesting. I have not yet left my mark on the world of literature, so who cares about what I have to say.

Which brings me to another point: If I do not allow all the people to read my blog the wrong person might be eliminated. It might be at that moment in time that the talent scouts of Pulitzer or Nobel decided to see why everyone some people are talking about my great and unforgettable blogging works and then I will miss my chance to become famous in the archives of the blogging world. 50 Shades of Angloswiss are waiting in the wings and I would have missed the chance to leave a mark on the world of Blog.

Coming to a conclusion: read my blog and enjoy. If it seems boring then give it a “like” all the same, it can only get better. If you are dazzled and impressed with its perfection then do not forget to give me a big “like” everywhere you can. You might be helping a future world literature Pulitzer Prize/Nobel Prize winner to recognition. I would naturally give you a mention in the Laudatio I would write about I, me and myself. Oh I am so modest.

Let us just keep blogging along, who know what the next daily prompt might bring.

Daily Prompt: Keep Out