The Nursery Web Spider – a visitor in my garden

Nursery Web Spider with Egg Sack

She appeared one day sitting on her egg sack, and had spun a small nest in a leaf nearbye, her maternity station.

Nursery Web Spider with Egg Sack

She then disappeared for a while, sitting in the maternity ward and awaiting the birth. Of course she did not realise that her steps were being photographed.

Nursery Spider with babies

She did not seem to care what happened around her. It rained, it stormed, but she was there keeping an eye on her babies. They were still in the egg sack and she was waiting for the big day.

Nursery Spider with babies

The day arrived, the egg sack burst, and her babies entered the world. They were all staying together, wondering what would happen next.

Nursery Web Spider babies

Day by day they grow, not so fast and at the moment they take a walk now and again. Mama seems to have disappeared, probably because they now have to grow up on their own. At the moment they are growing fast. I do not know what will happen next, but here is the latest photo. More to come perhaps.

The babies have arrived - Nursery Spider Web

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