Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

When I look in the mirror, I think twice first of all. This is not a risk free operation and it depends on which mirror I choose. The mirror in the bathroom is quite a maze. Two mirrors, both mirrored on both sides An invitation to an experiment and if you have a photoshoppy programme (Ribbit – free at the moment but who knows) you can expand the mirrorness to infinity.

Of course the bathroom mirror is the one that shares all my dark secrets. The first reflection in the morning could even cause a crack in the mirror if I give it an intensive “wrinkles round the eyes” glare. A teeth cleaning operation might cause a few tooth paste splatters here and there, especially with my super sonic electric tooth brush which supplies electronic impuses depending on how long and where the plaque removal should take place. Afterwards my teeth are shining and dazzling that I have to be careful that the mirror does not explode in showing my reflection due to the aura around my face.

The trouble with a mirror reflection is that it is always reversed; the right is on the left and the left on the right. Try cutting your hair when looking in the mirror. First of all you spend minutes on finding the hair to be shortened. Of course you can see the trailing ends that you want to eliminate, but somehow the scissors do not find them, or perhaps you might even cut into a piece of skin instead of the hair. Bloodstains on the mirror are not difficult to clean away, but it is a messy job. Always have a cloth somewhere in a cupboard in the bathroom, or hanging on the towel rack, to wipe over the mirror when finished. It might be that the next person needing the mirror may not feel comfortable when looking into a mirror covered with finger prints, toothpaste stains, and as mentioned the odd blood stain or two. Water droplets can also cause problems, especially if they are splashed all over the mirror.

Combing hair is not so difficult, although it never seems to arrive where you want it to arrive. There are differences between females and males when mirror operations are performed, but I do not think I have to explain those problems.

The morning mirror treatment is completed and now we move to the long mirror, the one you need to cast a glance into before you enter the public eye. Are your trousers zipped up (not only a man problem these days), does that t-shirt suit the trousers and really those shoes look terrible; five minutes later, a complete dress change and another look in the mirror. Now it is much better, although you just cannot wear red shoes with blue jeans, it clashes, especially with the green t-shirt. Another visit to the wardrobe and another change of clothes and now we are ready, but wait a moment: pink lipstick with a red blouse? A renewed visit to the bathroom, a quick glance in the mirror and the lipstick removal is completed and another colour chosen. Just a final visit to the long mirror in the hall and everything is perfect. Where would we be without a mirror.

I remember a visit to the Versailles palace just outside of Paris. There is a hall of mirrors; along both sides of a ballroom. The mirrors are no longer new, probably from the 17th-18th century, and they have some stains caused by age. Yes, even a mirror gets older, not only the person looking in the mirror; it just seems that even in the days gone by mirrors were as important as today.

And all this happens when I look in a mirror. When my felines look into a mirror they just growl and sharpen their claws ready for a fight with the other feline staring back at them. Felines do not like being stared at. Their territory is being invaded.

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror