Daily Prompt: From the Gut

Tell us about the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us JOYFUL.

I must be a real miserable person. I must admit it I cannot remember the last time I had a deep crying laugh. Perhaps it hangs together with the fact that I am now in Switzerland. Reflecting on my English days, it seems we did everything for a laugh.

There was not a family party without a “knees up mother Brown” dance, jokes were told and it was a real laugh.

The Swiss are perhaps cool, their humour is a bit different. I am sorry I cannot offer much on this subject.

Of course, one of our Swiss ministers in parliament did have a laughing fit when he was delivering a political speech. I do not usually do YouTube videos as I find them boring myself but in this case I would take the liberty of showing what happened. Now what minister in what country could offer such a collection of laughs.

English subtitles are available but you might have to turn them on yourself – they are available on the bottom line of the video.

“Having problems Mrs. Human? Your writing source dried up?” Nera the chief feline decided to put in an appearance.

“I should write about the last time I had a real laugh and I cannot remember” was my answer.

“Sorry I cannot help this time. The word “laugh” does not exist in meow and have you ever seen a feline smile?”

I had to admit that I have never seen any of my felines tell a joke or even twiddle their whiskers attempting a smile.

“I think you are right Nera, this time I am on my own. You do not even smile when I serve a dish of tuna fish.”

“Mrs. Human, a smile is not necessary for actions that are a matter of course, and go without saying. We felines sway on a different level to humans. Our life is based on the natural development of things. The great feline psychologist Sigmund Purr, said that we should take what we can and not waste time with unnecessary purrs of gratitude. We put all that behind us when the maternal milk tap ran dry. Our mum said go and look after yourself, find a human with a constant supply of food suitable for feline consumption and I did, along with my litter sister Tabby.”

“Did I hear my name mentioned” and Tabby arrived.

“Yes Tabby, Mrs. Human has a bloggy problem, something about laughing and being funny.”

“What’s that Nera?”

“Go back to sleep Tabby, I have already explained to Mrs. Human that felines live a humourless life. We are more for actions speaking louder than words.”

“I know what you mean Nera, like pounce on a mouse and do not beat around the bush wasting thoughts on whether to pack it by the tail or head. The result is the same, so it does not really matter.”

I decided the feline conversation was drifting slightly away from the topic.

“Nera, Tabby, you both look tired. Take a rest and sleep for a few minutes/hours.”

And they left me to find a giggle. Perhaps I might look in on Facebook, that is one big joke.

Daily Prompt: From the Gut