Daily Post: Great or Greatest?

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.

Along the River Aare, Solothurn

The word “great” is an overstatement in itself. The only things I know that are great are either already dead (Alfred the Great, Alexander the Great), or so big that they can take your breath away (like the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, St. Pauls Cathedral).

For me there are blogs that entertain, are interesting, cover a topic that appeals to my personal taste.

Most days, almost every day, I write a blog in the daily prompt. I am retired, and can please myself what I do. What am I saying?: not exactly, but most of the time. My computer is available with my breakfast, hence the milk stains and crumbs in and on the keyboard. After I have a quick round trip in the morning to see what has happened during the night, and who has written what in the Daily Blog Section, it is put to sleep until after my golden oldie sleep/doze in the afternoon when I allow myself to get creative. How creative I get depends on the subject of the blog and whether I am either boring you to death with my musings on life, or I get hit by a bolt of inspiration and things just run away with me (are you listening Mr. Nobel?).

I try to read all the blogs from my fellow bloggers. Some are interesting, some less, but you can always learn from the others.

Ok, I admit it, my favourite blogs are those written by the animals amongst us. Of course most do not have paw friendly keyboards, and the humans they own (or are owned by – according to what animal) do the work for Fido or Tabby. We get a pet’s eye view on life and I just love those stories and philosophies they tell us from their point of view.

A like is easily clicked and who am I to say who deserves it. We all have our preferences. I do tend to click where I notice that ideas and creativity have been used. Please understand, we all earn merits for spending time on our efforts. Myself, I avoid posting YouTube videos or photos from Internet. I made an exception with a video if I made it myself, if it really fits into my written blog, or illustrates a point I am making. Just a video of a song I happen to like does not mean that everyone likes it so I avoid this when I can.

I like to take photos. It started with a small pocket camera more than ten years ago, and is now a DSLR Nikon with two lens (am planning on a macro lens) and a new pocket camera I bought a couple of weeks ago, that is always with me wherever I go. The photos I show on my blog of the day/month/year (have still not won my Pulitzer prize) are all original Angloswiss photos. Now and again a small exception may appear, but there again only to emphasise my bloggy feelings.

So fellow sufferers, bloggers, creative spirits, I love you all and whether my taste or not, you will still get a like from me to show how much I treasure the work and brain usage on your blogging trip. You may not be great, but you are still alive, and you are investing your thoughts and imagination and efforts to give us something.

At last I have completed another great daily blog (I am not yet dead, will let you know when I am).

Daily Blog: Great or Greatest?