Daily Prompt: In Good Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAITH.

Bleeding Heart

It does not really matter where you go in the town nearest to where I live, Solothurn. The cathedral dominates all views. A wonderful piece of architecture, built in 1762 by the architect Pisoni. Am I Roman catholic? No. The other Swiss religion is the Swiss Reform Church, my husband’s religion, of which I also do not belong. He is also not a regular church goer.

I was born into a family that were Church of England (our local church was high church, so you could say Anglo Catholic, but we do not have a pope, just a Queen as the boss). Anyhow bible is bible and it was all taught in school and in the scripture lesson. A third of our school was of the jewish faith, very dominant in my area of London in my younger years. Every morning at our school we had a general assembly with bible readings we all sung a few hymns.The Jewish section of the school did their own thing. It was law in England and I did not really question anything. I also did not spend a lot of time thinking about it. Religion was just not in my thoughts.

One fine day (or perhaps not so fine for some) I did get thinking about this religion thing. I had no vision, no dream and no sudden awaking moment. I just got thinking. I am a very logical person, so I came to the conclusion that religion was not logical. All those miracles and sudden wonders seemed to avoid me. In the meanwhile my grandmother and aunt got involved somehow in a religion (was it Pentecostal?) where they were baptised and had about 3-4 bibles at home. I even witnessed a baptism. Then the good souls of this community started mixing in their private life. I was about 14 years old at the time. Somehow I had a feeling this was not religion, but meddling and my mum and dad were not happy with the situation.

In the meanwhile I have made my decision. I do not belong to the Swiss church or any other sort of church. I suppose I could say I am an atheist, but I see no reason why I should have a label. Everyone seems to think I am missing something in life, and their big statement seems to be “You must believe in something”. Really, must I? I believe in a world based on the course of nature, which often unfortunately gets a bit thrown out of its course, by human meddling.

I like the new pope, really. He has both feet on the ground, has tolerance and understanding for others and shows what human feelings are. I have no problem with Islam, as long as it is Islam and not this fundamental narrow minded bomb-throwing rubbish. After all I worked for a Muslim boss and lived with his family, wife and kids, for two years. I did not miss pork, and ate the same food as he ate, and if he said “bismillah” before every meal it did not bother me. Some Christians say Grace.

Anyhow, I had no encounter to make my decision. I just try to do things right, which is not always easy. Above all I want to be tolerant of all other religions and beliefs. The beginnings of many religions and beliefs have an interesting history. Just do not try to convert me, I am happy the way I am.

Daily Prompt: In Good Faith

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In Good Faith

  1. Even I being a church-going, sign-of-the-cross-giving, prayer-saying person, I sometimes feel I have no church… I might be at Sunday mass and suddenly the priest says something or the people attending seem so distracted and distracting that my husband and I look at each other and without saying a word, decide to look for another church for next Sunday… Priests, nowadays seem so distant from their calling and it comes through in their words… I have a profound faith in the Trinity and Mary, but when it touches the ground it gets a bit distorted… Read you soon, Alexandra


  2. Thank you for this post. I’ll answer the prompt later in the day, but my experience sounds very much like your own. I’m pagan, and do believe in a higher power (a great energy to which we all return), but my beliefs are a mash up of science, wonder, and practices that are proven to improve life no matter what religion you follow, like meditation and kindness. I grew up in an area of the US they informally call The Bible Belt, even going to a Christian school where the kids were cruel and bigoted, and set me on another path pretty early. I was also lucky enough to have a family that wanted me to find out my own truths – so I explored many different routes of Christianity, Native American traditions, and Eastern spirituality before settling into a place where I felt comfortable. I even studied medieval religious art & architecture in undergrad to get a better understanding, and funnily enough, it only helped solidify my position as a definite non-Christian, lol.


  3. I’m at work, and a little distracted. Just saw that I left out the most important thing – I’m in complete agreement that “to each his/her own.” I consider all spiritual paths valid, which always ends up being a fun conversation at dinner parties 🙂


  4. I’m a person of faith a Roman Catholic, but I’m not going to try to convert you, don’t worry. I think everyone has to follow his or her conscience in his or her search for the meaning of life and death. I believe in God and I believe the relationship between each of us and God is personal and intimate. I believe that if we search for Him we will find Him sooner or later, sometimes in a surprising ways. This is my experience.


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