Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Fluffy, our blind Selkirk Rex

“No, Fluffy, forget it. Come away from my computer, no way are you going to switch blogs with me.”

“But, Mrs. Human, Nera and Tabby, my two feline groupies, said they would help me. It would be a combined effort: life from the point of view of a feline.”

Some time ago, through paw persuasion, I set up a blog for my cats, “The Cat Chronicles”, and as usual, they now want to take over; a sort of feline “Switcheroo”

“Felines, I am sure that the WordPress public are not interested in knowing where the best mice can be found, or the tastiest water is. They also do not want to know how to have a full body scratch, lick and wash.

Actually I was thinking about having a swop with Wiley, the most intelligent dog I know. He lives in Wisconsin and is a real philosopher. There are many humans that could take a page out of his blog.”

Nera the chief cat looked at me with sort of yellow daggers pouring from her eyes.

“Swop a blog with a dog, a canine? Mrs. Human, you are surfing in the wrong places. Life was better when you were playing your Facebook games, like Petville. At least the stupid pet did not exist and as they say little things please little minds. Since you stopped with those games you are reading in the wrong places. “

“Don’t worry Nera” I said “I do not think it will happen. Wiley has no time for felines. I think it might be because the felines think they on the same level as the gods.”

Tabby was annoyed. “That is not true Mrs. Human, it is a fact. We were Gods; worshipped by all. If it were not for such a superior race as the felines, your world would long have been taken over by mice and rats. You have you read that book where rats take over the world?”

“Yes, Tabby, but that was fiction and it had a happy ending. The rats died. Now we have a world taken over by humans and …….”

“You think” said Nera. “We lead you to believe such rubbish to make sure we get our daily rations of tuna and perhaps salmon.”

“You mean?”

“Yes Mrs. Human” said Fluffy. “It is all a matter of psychological training. Humans love us, you must admit. You worship us as in the olden days in Egypt in the corn chambers.”

“OK felines, so you are world power No. 1. What has this all got to do with swopping a blog. I am not swopping my blog with three puffed up felines who think they rule the world.”

“Excuse me Mrs. Human” Nera spoke. “I have often told you I am no puffed up, or even overweight, it is fluff. My wonderful silky long fur and our gift of literature is far beyond that of a simple human. Have you ever read the Garfield cartoons.”

“Of course Nera, but what has that got to do with …..”

“Garfield is the most intelligent, gifted feline that I have ever read. His blogs are perfect.”

I decided to end this conversation. I did not want to disappoint Nera by telling her that her idol was a cartoon figure and did not exist.

So the result is that I am not going to swop a blog with anyone. We all have our own style of writing and our own ideas. Of course there are blogs that I admire and like, but we all have our favourites, and not all have the same taste

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

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  2. I absolutely LOVED this! Mrs. Human, your kind words are so greatly appreciated! For what it’s worth, I would read the thoughts of Nera and Tabby, even if they consider canines to be lesser beings. 😉 Lots of love to you dear friend!


    • Thanks for the kind comment. Actually Nera and Tabby are just plain scared of dogs and as soon as they here a bark they jump through the cat flap at record speed. They also do not like other cats, but I think that is more a territorial dispute.Have a nice doggy day Wiley.


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  5. I wouldn’t mind swapping locations. Visiting Switzerland, though it wouldn’t be much fun if you weren’t there … and what in the world would you do in the Blackstone Valley without anyone who knows his/her/their way around? This was silly the first time around and has not grown better with time. It isn’t fine old wine. More like flat coke.

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    • I basically just drink water, so no problem. I did this original entry so long ago, I don’t even remember doing it and now I did a repeat on my cat chronicles. Is Blackstone Valley near New York? that’s the only place I have ever been to in the States. Although Boston territory is not bad, they all speak a sort of British english I believe.


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