Weekly Writing Challenge: Using Forms Creatively

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn

I suppose it is all about the viewing angle. I am an average oldie (but a little bit goldie), my working life is now behind me, thank goodness, the family all grown up and doing their own thing, so what do I want to know from everyone.  I have been there, done that, and mostly on my own. I always was one for doing my own thing, regardless. I just dragged the others along with me. From today’s grey-haired perspective I could ask Am I really too old to attend a Hard Rock concert with my son.

I just spend half an hour constructing this simple form, so perhaps my grey cells are not what they should be.

Perhaps I misunderstood something, but it seems I can am limited to one contact form per blog. Now if I was a vampire I would definitely ask my vampire colleagues which blood group they prefer. This has develop my skills in making forms. I now have two forms, so click your choices.

This is fun.

So I ask my felines what they thought about the tuna fish rations they were getting. They are always complaining, so I was wondering what your felines think on the subject.

That was form No. 3

To come to a conclusion, these forms can definitely serve a purpose there are unlimited purposes. Ask your husband whether he prefers his steak rare, medium or well done. If he also has a computer, all he has to do is click the right box. He must also be a member of WordPress and my other half seems to be allergic to blogging, although he likes to read blogs. Being creative with forms would not be in his line.

I could compose a form asking my readers here what they prefer as subject matter. Horror, science fiction, true life stories, romance or what I am cooking for dinner. Let’s just create and by the way if you are a vampire completing my form you do not have to use your real name. I can understand that you wish to prefer to remain anonymous.

I am really now excited to get answers on my genial forms created especially for everyone  who reads my blogs. Take your time in clicking, no rush.

To sum it all up, yes I have again learned something new in this world of bytes, uploads and downloads. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and I was glad for a sensible opportunity to actually use my forms.

Weekly Challenge: Using Forms Creatively

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

Photographers, share a photo that says unconventional. 

Fire Bug

You think being a Fire Bug is nothing special. I can tell you it is one of the most exhausting species to maintain. I was born a fire bug and grew up all on my own. No mum and dad to look after me, from day one it was just I, me and myself; hunting for seeds around the roots of the lime trees with hundreds just like me. It was the general meeting place. We had fun munching the seeds and sitting in the sun, what could be better.

Then it happened. I know the humans think it is unconventional, not the sort of thing they might be up to, but we are firebugs and do it all in our own way. I saw her sitting on a lime seed, munching away. I think it was some time in the month of April, our love month if you like. Of course, if I knew what lay before me I might have thought twice, but firebugs do not think, we act.

She looked at me with her wonderful eyes, her body vibrating with colour. I had feelings, sort of adolescent fire bug feelings I suppose.

I chanced a few words “Hello beautiful, what do you think.”

“Why not” she answered, “but this is going to be a long walk.”

I did not exactly know what she meant, but we got a little closer, like fire bugs do and we started walking. Not just walking, it was a marathon. There we were stuck together, where she went I was with her and where I went, she just followed. I supposed she did not have much choice really. We must have been something spectacular, perhaps a little out of the ordinary, in human terms. I think it would even be unconventional. We just forgot the time. That was true love if ever. I noticed that many of my fellow colleagues were also marching in pairs. Some were still alone, so I clung to my mate with all my strength. You have to be careful these days, just cannot trust every fire bug, especially the ones still searching.

To cut a long story short, we eventually separated, exhausted after so much walking. I decided my duty was done. I really did like her, but being tied to her for a week was more than enough. I never saw her again, but I think she had other things to do, like maintaining the firebug population. Anyhow, who knows, same place same time next year.

Fire Bugs taking a walk together

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love