Daily Prompt: Woggle/ling

Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or even “literally.”

Today, give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.

“Mrs. Human tell us why you call us Woggles?”

How could I refuse such a question from my feline family, so here is the truth, the whole truth. I cannot remember myself when my felines became 100% Woggles, it just happened.

“Mrs. Human we can remember” said Nera the chief Woggle “since we took over and dictated the daily routine you have called us Woggles. You even speak to strange smelly felines that do not belong in our territory as Woggles. When Bobinette took over next door she became a Bobinette Woggle and Rosti, the smelly ginger male feline opposite is also a Rosti Woggle.”

“Nera, there is no story in becoming a Woggle, you are my favourite Woggles. May I continue?”

“Go ahead Mrs. Human, we will correct if you make a mistake.”

“Yes Nery Fairy, I am sure you will.”

“Want a scratch and a hiss Mrs. Human? Would be pleased to obliged if you call me Nery Fairy again.”

So I decided to continue with my explanation of the word “Woggle”.

Tabby relaxing in the Pampas

This is a Tabby Woggle, on this photo she is not woggling but having a rest under the leaves of the pampas grass. When she woggles she moves in her hoppity feline woggle way. Tabby is more the impulsive Woggle, thinks things over, observes the situation and then makes a charge at 200 miles an hour, woggling all the way. Since her memorable operation when it was decided that no miniature Woggles would arrive, she has developed a sort of “flappy” Woggle towards the back legs, but this does not seem to bother her, it is just an enhancement to her accompanying Woggle.

Fluffy - A Selkirk Rex

Fluffy Woggle is a male woggle and woggles carefully being blind, as opposed to Tabby Woggle. He woggles with his nose to the ground, sniffing the way and carefully placing one paw before the other. For a blind Woggle he manages very well. If a bird or butterfly flies past, he is perfectly able to woggle in the right direction, but as Fluffy does not realise he is blind, it seems to be more luck than judgement.

Nera having a taste of grass

Here we have a Nera Woggle, commonly known as Nery Fairy, although dispute often arises when called Nery Fairy. Somehow this hurts her feline pride. She is the chief Woggle and keeps things organised in my the Woggle world. She has been compared to a ship on high seas when she woggles, but she is a true Woggler, one of the heavy weight kind.

“So, satisfied felines? Now you know why you are Woggles for me.”

“No Mrs. Human” said Nera “We know as much as we knew before. That was a stupid explanation. I will have to look on Catipedia on my Pawpad to see what a Woggle is.”

“But Nera, you call me Mrs. Human and I have a name as well.”

“Of course you do, you are Mrs. Human with the tuna fish, but that is too much to meow, so Mrs. Human is enough.”

At this point I gave up with my Woggle explanation. My felines remain Woggles, although Nery Fairy is an alternative and a Fluffy Wuffy has also been heard from time to time. Tabby is a Tabby Woggle for ever.

Daily Prompt: Woggle/ling