I have been Freshly Pressed.

Japanese Cherry blossoms

I have never been so surprised since I started blogging to find an e-mail in my box from the WordPress telling me I had been freshly pressed. I had to read it more than once to let it sink in.  After all that pressing I stood up, had a stretch and did a happy dance. I would like to thank you all for the wonderful comments I have received. You are all super bloggers and colleagues. It is really a pleasure to be here.

14 thoughts on “I have been Freshly Pressed.

  1. Your bio is almost as convoluted as mine: Born in Hackney, London to North African Jews who’d eventually immigrated to Israel. I tend spent my school years in Israel, London and Los Angeles for several decades, only to return to Israel last year, reporting of my experiences as an Israeli-American from Galilee. So, congrats on being chosen


    • Interesting. The East End Of London was a jewish center when I grew up, especially the area around Whitechapel. Our school was 50% jewish. Kosher food was cooked and the crockery and cutlery was marked with a “K”. I think we were always a little annoyed when the jewish children in the school had extra holidays for Passover and Jewish New year. My own origins were on the one side Huguenot from the area around Montpelier who also settled in the area.


  2. I don’t see the desire in being FRESHLY PRESSED? I find it hard to understand those that grave this label. Its not for me to say, what others want, I’m happy just being me, don’t really care if anybody reads…..

    I do this for my daughter so that some day she may read?

    To learn who, her father is….


  3. Congratulations! I was just freshly pressed a few days ago and I had no idea how consuming the whole process would be. I’m so grateful for it, and it looks like you are too!


    • Congratulations to you. I was also very surprised when I got the mail, (even had to find out what it was all about). I don’t do internal nominations as they are more work than they are worth, and not official WordPress really. I was quite proud of my freshly pressed and you have hit the nail on the head. It is really hard work to keep up with all the wonderful comments from all the lovely people on WordPress.


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