Daily Prompt: The Little Things

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds but is often overlooked.


I have a blind cat.

“What’s blind Mrs Human?” That is the problem with Fluffy, he does not realise it.

“You cannot see anything Fluffy. That is blind.”

“What’s seeing?” and so the conversation goes on and on.

“Something else Mrs. Human. Why do you call me Fluffy when you write your blogs. My real name is Grögu.”

Fluffy is right, but if I used his real name I think it might be a little difficult for English speaking.

Fluffy was born on a large farm near where I live. The farmer’s wife bred Selkirk Rex cats; a cat that is a freak of nature. The first Selkirk Rex appeared in a litter somewhere in America, known as Miss De Pesto and a breeder decided to see how dominant the curly hair was. He discovered it was very dominant so he bred the first Selkirk Rex cat with Persian cats. Eventually the race of Selkirk Rex was established. Fluffy’s parents were both Selkirk Rex (Cool Man and Lucy) so he is a pure bred.

“You see Fluffy, you are something special.”

“I know all that Mrs. Human but why do you call me Grögu.”

“You were actually called Curly, but when I brought you home Mr. Human took one look and said “Isch das es Gröguli”, translated from Swiss German to English: “isn’t that a funny little thing” and so the name stuck. It was my father, grandfather Human, called you Fluffy when he was in Switzerland on holiday, so I decided it was a good English name and describes you perfectly. Fluff everywhere, on the carpet, on the chairs, on the floor, you are just fluffy.”

“What’s in a name Mrs. Human, as long as I get fed that is all that matters. Now tell me about this blind thing.”

“Do you really want to know Fluffy? You were two years old and came home from the field. We do not know what happened, but you could not see and sort of sniffed your way home. Perhaps you were hit by a car or perhaps you fell from a great height. We took you immediately to the vets, but he could not do very much for you.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, I do not have a long term memory, not necessary as a feline, and who cares. I usually smell it in the air when something could be interesting. Admittedly I sometimes stand on my back legs looking for a comfortable chair with the front legs and cannot find it, but that is when you start moving the furniture around. Luckily it does not happen very often. A couple of weeks ago you put two new chairs in the living room and moved my nice comfortable settee away. Had a bit of a mix up at first, not a very good idea when something disappears, but I soon found a nice comfortable place.”

“Yes I noticed Fluffy, on Mr. Human’s chair at the computer. He is not very happy about that, and has to fetch another chair, not wanting to disturb your sleep.”

“Anyhow I find my food OK and water so what could be worse. I can even go out in the garden, although I always have that long lead hanging on my collar which seems to be fixed on a pole. Sometimes I even managed to take a walk on my own. That is fun.”

“Fluffy that is not fun and Mr. Human and I do not like it when you make The Great Escape. We have to try to find you, and that is not good if it happens at midnight when it is dark. Once we found you in a neighbour’s garden near the main road, once you were found on the other side of the main road sitting and shaking on the pavement and once you disappeared in the fields on your way to who knows where.”

“At least I had something to tell the other felines who live here. Nera the chief clapped her paws when I found the road to freedom and I had to tell Tabby, her litter sister, all about my adventures afterwards.”

“Fluffy, I do not regard them as adventures or freedom, more luck than judgement that we found you safe and sound.”

So that is the little thing in my life that is important to me. Not everyone has a blind cat, but he is special and only being overlooked when he decides to explore the great unknown.

Daily Prompt: The Little Things