Daily Prompt: Mad Libs

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.

There are days when I must despair at the Daily Prompt. I do not work, my kids are no longer kids and work for their living (I hope), Facebook friends are too busy loving their mothers, fathers, kids, pets, cousins and whatever. So what is left? I have a family comprising of three felines and Mr. Swiss. Felines would be too complicated, the suggestion being more in the way of “The bird/mouse Dinner”, the meaning of which I cannot share or write about and Mr. Swiss said something about practicing on his drum set in the hobby room, so I am left to I, me and myself. After all I am also family, without me there would not be a family. So I am doing this all my own (as usual). I sometimes think they just humour me when I am blogging. The title is:

The New Watch

To begin at the beginning I was reading a book and the television was on. As usual the programmes were interrupted by the various advertisements. Generally I watch TV with half of a watchful eye and 1% hearing, but then a flash of colour caught my attention. An advertisement for a new Swatch watch. You do not know the Swatch watch? No problem, it was a Swiss discovery many years ago, a revolution for the Swiss. The expensive famous Swiss watches were becoming so expensive, that it was only the rich and beautiful that could afford them, so the Swatch was developed. No clockwork any more, all driven by battery, more or less waterproof, manufactured with synthetic material and very good designs. Eventually the novelty wore off, but now the Swatch company have arrived on the Swiss scene with a new design and this was the advertisement that caught my eye.

I looked up from my book and concentrated on the television, a rarity for me.

“Now that’s a nice watch” I said to Mr. Swiss. “That is really my sort of thing.”

“Yes” was the answer, and I returned to my book. Of course I have a watch, since many years, my ethnic Swiss watch from the company Jordi, 200% Swissified in design. I love that watch. Mr. Swiss bought it for me for Christmas and I always wear it.

watch 007

The new Swatch had impressed me, but life went on as normal. Not that I was thinking about the new Swatch all day long, but it had left its mark on my brain.

The next morning was bathroom cleaning morning, which is not something I really enjoy doing, but it has to be done. It is usually the morning when Mr. Swiss disappears into town, does a little bit of shopping and might partake in a coffee in one of our street cafés. I cannot blame him. I would not want to stay at home with a wife who hates cleaning bathrooms.

Eventually the bathroom was cleaned and Mr. Swiss returned.

“I have something for you” he said. I could not remember that I told him I needed something from the shops, so I was curious.

He placed a flat envelope on the table. It was not an ordinary envelope; it was an envelope that shops use when they wrap up a present, sort of gold paper, something special. Ok, you are all guessing what it was, but of course you all know what it was. I was guessing because I did not know what it was. And then I opened the package (sort of tore it open) and there was my new Swatch watch with all the colourful bits and pieces, encased in transparent strong synthetic material (I will not say plastic – it sounds so inferior).

Swatch watch blogger

I was delighted, pleased, happy. Not every day that Mr. Swiss brings a new watch home. One of the advantages in marrying a Swiss. Others might bring flowers or chocolate, but a Swiss brings a watch.

Daily Prompt: Mad Libs