Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?


I have an artist in the family, Mr. Swiss. He has been painting for many years and brought most of his art works with him when we got married: sometimes in oil and often aquarelle. So what do we have on the walls of our home? paintings of course.

My family did not have such a connection to art. Now and again dad would take me for a walk around an art gallery in London, but more often we visited museums. The only paintings we might have had on the wall at home in London were probably bought at the local market, so nothing original. I have my husband a lot to thank that I actually recognise what art is and appreciate it. He introduced me to a lot of painters. If we went anywhere on holiday a visit to the local art gallery was always included. Yes, I saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, but I saw a lot of other paintings as well. New York was a fantastic experience. They had a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition in the Guggenheim museum so that was a must visit.

A few years ago Mr. Swiss and I went to the art gallery in Bern, Switzerland, where they had a Picasso exhibition of his blue period. Yes, I even appreciate modern paintings, even Andy Warhol with his Campbell Soup tins and Marilyn Monroe would suit me to have on the wall.

We do know a few artists, and bought an original a few weeks ago, which is now hanging in one of the rooms. It is such an interesting painting, that I have put that on one side to write a story one day.

We do not only have Mr. Swiss originals on the walls, but mostly. In every room there are paintings, either from Mr. Swiss or chosen by him. I think when we move house, the first thing we do is to hang the paintings before we start arranging the furniture.

We are not trying to create any sort of mood, a picture is a picture and you either like it or you do not.

Of course the blog illustrations are originals by Mr. Swiss.


Daily prompt: Wall to Wall

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

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  2. I love this post. Art is so important in my life, and I’m really glad that you found it to be important to you as well. I love Andy Warhol as well. I’ve found that many people in my generation shut down when they see things they don’t understand. They walk right past instead of sitting there trying to understand it. Unfortunately we’ve become a culture of immediacy.

    I love this post. Thanks for sharing!


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  4. The artwork is gorgeous! The second one’s my favorite. Amazing how the arts can be brought in and interpreted differently within the same family. Hanging the artwork then the furniture – I remember the fun my roommate and I had while doing the reverse (much to parental chagrin).


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  6. All my family loved every age and genre of art when I was growing up and we had a huge house with framed prints of most famous paintings all over our 35 room mansion near Richmond Park. University in Paris and living in Rome and Florence for three years in total was a magnificent bonus to my life but sadly I had no gift of any sort when it came to painting.But this did have one huge advantage. Working and living in every continent, 72 countries in all, led me often to just gaze at glorious natural landscapes and works of architecture. I did not have to spend weeks reproducing them on canvas, I just imagined what they would have looked like if a particular artist had done it for me.This saved a lot of time and filled my mind with beautiful works of art which were never created but will remain in my imagination for ever.

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    • Growing up in an East End of London family, art was reduced to the mass paintings you could buy on a stall in the street. Mr. Swiss opened my eyes to the world of art. He began painting as a boy and had lessons from a painter. He had the gift (as I call it). I might be creative, but not in a painting way. I also, as you, learnt a lot from travels throughout Europe, visiting art galleries and museums with my husband. My niece is a qualified art historian and she has given us a couple of guided tours through some art exhibitions mainly held in Zürich. I discovered another world and am so glad.


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