Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

3 cats with music

Unfortunately the choral sounds are sometimes a little off key. The large black feline, leading the way in the photo and known as Nera, tends to sing somewhat forte forcing the other members into the background. She is convinced she is the leading singer of the group. She does not always hit the correct note, her voice being basically falsetto. Her solos are, however, unique. High pitched, with a strong finale. Her voice is made to be heard above all others, especially when a dish of tuna fish in placed in front of her.

Her litter sister on the right in the photo, Tabby is more a background singer. As a choir singer her voice unfortunately tends to lose itself amongst the others, mainly because of the Nera dominance when singing together. However, she has endurance, is a stayer and will not give up, in spite of some negative reactions from Nera. Unfortunately due to this perseverance, one can get very quickly tired of hearing the same monotonous notes. She really puts everything into her song, sometimes just a little too much. Again a reward of tuna fish is often necessary as an encouragement.

At the front left, we have Fluffy, the only male member of the choir. He is blind, but does not realise this. Unfortunately Fluffy tends to strike his notes with a full throaty tone when not absolutely necessary. I suppose you could say a “singing in the bath” type of feline, although felines do not bath and tend to lick themselves clean. Fluffy practices quite a lot, sometimes constantly, especially during the night, as the day if more reserved for resting his voice chords when sleeping. Nera, the lead singer, is not so happy with this state of affairs, and must often put Fluffy into his right place, generally by tapping him on the nose with protruding claws, ensuring that Fluffy increases the volume and reaches even a higher pitch. He is not so tuneful, but this does not seem to bother him. Again a reward of tuna fish is necessary.

It sometimes happens, that Mrs. Human joins in to pull things together. She has a very loud voice, but it serves its purpose when the feline singsong gets a little out of tune. Sometimes a guest singer may attend the choir practice: perhaps a feline from the neighbourhood. This is not seen upon as favourable, and it could be that the voices reach unwanted octaves, an underlying moaning and spitting supplement to the general tune.

A word to the rhythm perhaps: this tends to go in various directions. It seems that this must be practiced more, so that all felines are pulling on the same beat. Charles Ives, an American composer, was successful with his bitonal and polytonal harmonizations, the man was a musical genius. Unfortunately the felines are not so gifted in this respect, although they never give up (unfortunatly?) and endeavour to improve their musical qualities constantly.

Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

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