Daily Prompt: Press It

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

Computer Time for Nera

I asked chief feline Nera what she thought about this, but she fell asleep  looking through all the weekly blogs, so she left it to me.

I do read the blogs written on the daily prompt. Mainly to see how others have approached the task. There is a lot of good stuff out there, and it is difficult to choose one over the other. Three have made an impression on me this week so here we go.

Alma Mater by Mr. Atheist
The Daily prompt by Mr. Atheist with his speech to the Alma Mater. Alma Mater was something foreign to my English education, but I soon found out what it was. If I had heard a speech like this in my closing years at high school, it would have impressed me. The whole conception of this speech, the words used, particularly listing the “wants” and making the school proud of what you do in your path through life. This was a super work of prose and not only worth reading, but using if you are ever confronted with giving such a speech.

Perfect in its Imperfection by Huntmode
My second is by someone called “Huntmode”. I have often read her blogs. I saw this one this morning, so it is still fresh in my memory. She has shown that not only is she a writing talent, but also an artist. Her blog shows some of her paintings and they are very good. She describes her path through life, being hopeless in painting as a girl, but in later years getting down to it, buying books on the subject, recording films and eventually visiting classes. She did it, not only did it, but succeeded in becoming a very good artist. OK, I cannot even draw a straight line, but if I ever wanted to learn how it works, I would take this blog as an inspiration.

A Man for all Seasons by Paul Scribbles
For my third, I decided on Paul Scribbles and his blog Turn, Turn, Turn. We had to choose our favourite season and he chose all. His reasons why were so well explained. A beautiful piece of literature with some wonderful descriptions. Read it and you will start loving the seasons you usually find less attrative. He finds a good side to everything in this piece of work, and highlights many aspects in an almost poetic way.

Unfortunately I am only allowed to name three, but as an epilogue I would add that I am a disciple of Wiley Schmidt. A little four year old terrier dog living somewhere in Wisconsin. His outlook on life is more than human and we humans could learn a lot from this little dog. I love reading his almost daily blogs. I could not pick one out of the blogs, so I am giving him a special mention as my blogger of all bloggers, even if my cats are looking at me with daggers in their yellow flashing eyes.

Daily Prompt: Press It

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Press It

  1. two of those and yourself were runners up in my list – it’s too hard – I think the prompters are trying to stir up a lot of loving and sharing lately!


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  5. Oh my word! I just came online and was checking my email and comments, of which there were some – hurray! and then I went to the stats page and stared dumbfounded at the number of readers and views. I thought to myself, “Wow, people must really want to paint…?” And, finally, I saw your post today and the riddle was solved. What a gracious, loving woman you are. Thank you from my heart. Best ~ HuntMode


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