Daily Prompt: Idyllic

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

Rap Seed Field in Feldbrunnen

I live in an ideal community. Farming land in Switzerland. A small village, population amounting to about one thousand, mostly owned houses and appartments. We even have a castle up on the hill. It was built as the Summer residence for the French Ambassador some time in the middle ages and is now used for wedding receptions, or other such occasions.

The people living in my village are a mixture as anywhere. Golden Oldies like myself that are glad to be able to relax in the quiet of the Swiss countryside, with no stress. The working population commuting to the larger towns during the day. Families with their offspring going to the local school and Kindergarten.  We have everything.

We do not have any shops in the village, but a half hour walk along the main road, or a five minute journey on the local train brings you to the market town of Solothurn where there are enough shops. If you want big town atmosphere, then you can get the train from Solothurn main station bringing you to Zürich, Bern or Neuchatel within an hour. So what more could you want?

I did not really understand the values that we all share, but I would say a view of the Swiss Alps on a clear day, many activities you can join if you want to. I belonged to the first aid society for many years, helping out at local football meetings, or other sports activities. We have a hall where dances and youth occasions are organised, with bands and modern music. We have a small fire department, employing the local men voluntarily. We do not have a police station, but within a few minutes they are there from the local town, so what more could you want.

We have a local village chief, known as Ammann, that looks after the logistics of the village. Everyone knows him, he lives in the village, his office is in the village. We are even online on the computer – not bad for only 1,000 population

If you click around on this link you will see what we have to offer – sorry but German is our local language, so no english


There is nothing really to change in our village. Enjoy your visit, we are so perfect that something must be wrong somewhere. Oh yes, they found a couple of skeletons when they built some new appartment blocks, but do not worry. They were from the middle ages, when the chopping block was situated in our village for executions of the criminals (nobody is perfect).

We are just people living in a village, going about our daily chores and enjoying life.

And here is a view of our Main Road connection to Solothun in Winter.

Waiting for the train in the snow

Daily Prompt: Idyllic

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  3. I wish they could put more train stations back in the US. It would be nice to take a train for the day to Kansas City or Topeka.


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