Daily Prompt: Happily ever after

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there? Rose bouquet First of all Yes, I am living happily ever after, and that is all I have to say. I do not need to make a statement or bring proof of this – another dig into private life I would say.

On the other hand, there is a small town, somewhere beyond the clouds, where everyone was sent to live happily ever after. One fine morning in this town, a beautiful princess decided to take a walk, get out of the palace and away from the boring details of daily life. Her glass slippers had broken, once again and she needed a replacement. She suddenly heard a voice behind her.

“Cinderella, I havn’t seen you for a long while, how are you keeping and your most handsome and wonderful princly husband?”

“Don’t ask, Snow White. princes are all the same. You just cannot trust them. This is the third time I have to replace a glass slipper. He came home again yesterday evening, smelling of stable with lipstick on his collar.”

“You mean…….?” “Yes Snow White, I do. Another night out slumming with the stable lass and spending the night in the hay. I threw the glass slipper at him and it broke on the marble pillar in the stateroom. I am glad to say that a piece of glass hit him on his regal nose, to spoil his immaculate and wonderful face.”

“They are all the same those princes. Mine kissed a frog last week and it turned into a beautiful princess.” answered Snow White. “I wouldn’t mind, but he kissed a cow a few days ago, and that turned into a Queen. Now the palace is full. I think he is addicted to kissing animals. I don’t know where to put all those kissing results. I have thrown him out of the bedroom. Sometimes I wish I had never seen him, I would have had my peace and quiet.”

“And I think this time I will not replace the slipper with a glass one. Plastic will do, at least it will not break and will suit his cheap taste in women. I just blame it on that Godmother. She should have known better, turning a pumpkin into a coach. I just wish the slipper had fitted my step sister’s foot. Then he would have had a problem.”

“What are the step sisters now doing Cindrella?”

“They got the best part of the bargain. They kissed two toads that did not change into a prince.”

“What did they change into?”

“Two millionaires with a weak heart. When they saw the sisters they had a heart attack and both went to the fairyland pastures. Now my sisters have the money and enjoy life to the full. Whatever happened to the seven dwarves?”

“They decided to go into business. Doc is a famous plastic surgeon, Sleepy is a bed tester. Sneezy, Grumpy and Happy have a restaurent. Sneezy peppers the dishers, Happy is in charge of the alcohol and Grumpy tastes the food. Oh and Bashful designs bathing costumes for elves. Dopey won the lotto and invested his money in magic wands. He is earning a fortune. They are all successful only you and I are not so happy.”

“I know what we will do” said Cinderella. “We will leave all this Fairyland rubbish behind us and go to the real world. I am sure Hollywood is waiting for us. Walt Disney made his living out of us.”

“You mean we will film fairy tales?”

“No definitely not. Not when there are humans like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. They are not into glass slippers and dwarves, they would be more our taste.” So the two fugitives from Fairyland left their husbands and entered the real world and are now living happily ever after, somewhere in Hollywood.

Daily Prompt: Happily ever after

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Happily ever after

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  3. funny stuff. Not sure they would really live happily ever after in Hollywood. Does anyone in that place? Talk about a fairyland! I enjoyed this take on the prompt though. It made me laugh.


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