Blogger Creative Challenge 240: Indescribable

Cold Meat Selection

Buzz could not find words for the feast before his eyes (and he had a lot of eyes). It was indescribable. He was hanging on the celing, unnoticed, when the shop closed. During the day he did not venture to leave his hiding place. He knew he would only be met by a swipe of the butchers hand. He had been avoiding the butcher all day. Humans were not so good at catching flies, which was an advantage. Every time Buzz felt a displacement of air, he was away on his two wings. He decided to stay upside down. Looking upwards gave humans a pain in their neck, so he would be safe.

Now was closing time and he was on his own. A meat selection fit for a fly. He decided to start with the salami (lots of fat and grease) and make his way to the ham. Oh this was a dreamland.

The next morning he was still sitting on the bacon, but had fallen asleep. He was so full of all the delicacies that fulfilled his dreams, he did not even notice when the butcher arrived and the fly swotter squashed him. Just one fly less in the world, but a happy dead fly that had eaten his last meal.

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