Daily Prompt: B+

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.


New albums from the household are not always so new, but sometimes spiced with a little change in the tone, perhaps louder, perhaps not so loud. From the Angloswiss albums we can always expect something different and this time we were not disappointed.

The first tracks on the album are nothing really new, but the sequence is a little different. Angloswiss tuned up as usual to the rhythm of Cereal and milk accompanied by a switch on of the computer. There was a sweep through the tunes and notes at the customery tempo, although now and again the beat became somewhat hotter, especially to the tune of Facebook. Angloswiss was working with four tabs and accompanied by the Outlook programme showing various e-mails. Somewhat monotonous, but there was a new note from one of her online colleagues, showing a little brightness in the tune.

The next track was taking place in the bathroom, so the tone was somewhat milder, accompanied by the flow of the water from the shower and the mechanism of the electric toothbrush. There was a refreshing start to the next track, although not with dynamic, more a routine sound and some sighs.It seemed the physical functions of the music became more exhausted as the tune continued. It would have been better perhaps, to have omitted this track or perhaps placed in the middle of the album, where it could have been less noticed. Window cleaning is never advisable to start the programme. However, it was well organised, a super cleaning system and regular operations in this context made the work less exhausting. Monotonous, but well carried out. There seemed to have been a relaxed sigh pass through the track when this sample of difficult music came to an end.

And now to a relaxing smoothness caused by the iron and the washing. This tended to be a routine rhythm, but well accomplished and relaxed. Perhaps somewhat repetitive, but the shirts from the male members of the family ensured a contrasting upbeat to the boring phases passing through the bed linen. There was a grand finale when the ironing board was again folded away into its place ready for further music perhaps during the next day.

A wonderful contrast occurred in the kitchen afterwards, a music accompanied by rice, pork chops and a delicious dressing of mustard sauce. Of course a vegetive sound was caused by chicory, fried in butter.

There was now a slow movement in the afternoon music from the Tai Chi practice and the creation of a blog, regular and with feeling. Some small evening entertainment occurred, but just an interval where a washing programme was started in the machine.

The second half of the record began similar to the first part with a refreshing breakfast, accompanied by tea and the computer, but as it was now Sunday, a certain quietness and relaxed tone could be noted. Leisure seemed to be the theme for this part of the music, no rush, no stress, just comfortable. Even the lunch break with its accompanied dish was something to be cooked with time and leisure. Boiled beef garnished with a mixture of Winter vegetables and accompanied by potato was a long track, but rewarding. The meat was put to cook already early in the morning hours, and the musical ambiance was filled with aromas from the kitchen.

A background accompanying silence appeared after lunch, the musician relaxing from the exhaustions of the morning masterpiece. Three felines decided to accompany the music from time to time, but their voices were in clang with the surroundings and they often fell into a somewhat more pianissimo style when they were sleeping.

To sum it all up, nothing spectacular, but a regular rhythm accompanied by some never to be forgotton highlights. The Sunday reading session was most relaxing. I would recommend this album to all frustrated, houseworking ladies.

Daily Prompt: B+

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