Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

A rainy day

Rose left the supermarket hoping, just hoping, that something might have changed. No, it was still a bleak rainy day. The pavements seemed to reflect the bitter aftertaste of what had happened: grey and paralyzed. The same emptiness, no movement and above all no human traces. They were still all suspended in a stoneless view on the world since the invasion. Rose was one of the lucky ones today, she had permission to go out. She thought she might meet someone sharing the freedom. Perhaps there were some others, but not in her segment of the town (or perhaps even world).

There was a particular odour still hanging in the air, but she did not recognise it. She searched for a recognition of the smell, but she failed and then a thought hit her, leaving her with bleaker feelings than she already had. There was no smell, everything was odourless, no trace of anything animal or even vegetable. The world had been reduced to a mineral desert. The same houses, same objects, even the banners, but it was all so lifeless. No wind moved the sheets of white advertising material suspended on their poles, inviting all to join in the shopping experience.

Then she spotted out of the corner of her eye a movement. A quick hurried movement. Was there someone else here? She gathered hope that her loneliness was just temporary. She moved onto the concrete, out from the protective roof sheltering her from the monotonous fall of raindrops.

“Hello” she called. “Is anyone there?”.

As if to answer her call, she heard a scratching sound and the movement came nearer. Then she saw it. A dark brown furry something, with pointed twitching nose, hurrying across the void spaces of the empty car park, sniffing constantly: a rat, a large brown rat. As it disappeared over the edge of the parking lot she saw another rat running in the same direction. “Probably following the scent of its partner” she thought, but no, there was no scent any more since they arrived. Who knew where the rats were going? They were supposed to be the last survivors on earth according to the scientists.

She felt tired but still had to walk home. The cars that still existed had no petrol. Another problem after the invasion. Her shopping bag was filled with food: as tasteless as everything else. They had no pity. They had taken everything they could. It was heavy and she now had just tins of food: meat, vegetable, fruit, all swimming in the same tasteless liquid. At least Rose still had memories of how it used to be, but the babies would never know it.

“Are there any babies left?” she thought. She remembered the invaders packing their ships with children and infants after they arrived and taking them to their own planet.

Rose felt vibrations around her. The flags started to move. “How comes? There is no longer wind on our planet”. And then it landed at the edge of the car park, causing sprays of rain to drench her. A door slid open at the side of the ship and a stairway descended. One of the captured children came towards her, an invader holding her hand.

The invader looked at Rose with piercing red eyes. She felt them burning into her face. Rose looked down at the child.

“You have to come with us” said the child “we need a mother”.

Rose climbed the stairs to the ship, the door closed and the ship departed.

Daily Prompt: Choose your Adventure

Photo: parking lot at supermarket in Langendorf, Switzerland, on a rainy day

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

  1. The child led her through the dark hallways of the strangely under lit ship and into a huge cavernous space filled with hundreds of children. A sea of tear stained, overly-large eyes silently followed her as she moved into the room. It reminded Rose of the scene in Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang when Dick Van Dyke finds all the banished children in the sewers under the castle. At first she is overwhelmed, her exhaustion hits a new peak from the thought of caring for all the orphans. But with a shake of her head, she rolls up her sleeves and says to the alien, “Take me to your kitchen.”


  2. Inside the ship, Rose slowly mounted more stairs into a larger, open space. As she stood facing an assemblage of faces her mouth dropped open. AS far as she could see both ways were faces of the children from her planet. She failed in trying to count and could only estimate the number to be over one hundred. Young and old, boys and girls, staring expectantly at her.

    The little girl that summoned her looked up with an excitement in our face. “Can you be our new mother?”

    Rose swallowed hard. She was not sure what drove her to answer the little girl’s call. Perhaps oit was her longing to finally be a mother. Twenty plsu year sof unsuccessful attempts to conceive her own left her desperate for any chance. Hearing the poor child ask was all she needed to take a leap, even a leap onto an alien spaceship. Now she stood in front of an innumerable mass of children with the desire to call her their new mother. What about Jim, her husband. What would he do without her? The invasion has nearly broken him. Without her he would not survivie long. She wondered if she could change her mind now. But how could she turn away? This was the chance she had wanted her whole life.


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  8. “The children need me…” Rose kept repeating to herself … “The children need me. If they are ever to be set free, they will need me.” She lowered her voice and looked down. She knew the marked one was aboard the ship. It was their mutual destiny to set the rest free…


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