Daily Post: Burnt

Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Koch Villa, Solothurn

It was a nice life as long as it lasted, but it did not last. Julian was one of those men with a strong heart, perfect health and he was rich, very rich. He was not the most attractive man but his bank account was. Always dressed in his suit, shirt and tie. My taste is more just a little on the wild side, but I did not marry for a wild life.I should have thought things over before I decided to tie the knot. Being thirty years younger, I calculated that he would be gone after five years of happy marriage.

He thought the marriage was happy. I spoilt him with all I could, but he was just not the type for climbing mountains (heart attack?), hiking trip in the sun (a stroke?) or even adventurous holidays in hot climates (dehydration?). He did not leave me with a big choice.

“Darling have you lost your telephone.?”

“No Julian, just put it in my bag, I will be going out.”

“You tablet also seems to be gone from its normal place, as well as your Kindle. And why do you have your camera over your shoulder. Going out to take some pictures? I will come with you, a breath of fresh air will do me good.”

That was exactly what I did not want. Julian should stay where he is. I have a very hot surprise for him.

“Just stay put Julian. I am only going down to the river to take a few photos. There is a family of swans there, so sweet. I thought I would sit a little in the sun with my Kindle and read a book. I always take my mobile with me and my tablet allows me to keep touch with any e-mails. In any case I think you should stay here, your sister said she would be calling this morning.”

“OK, dear, as you say. By the way what is that noise, sounds like something is hissing somewhere.”

“I can’t hear anything. You must be imagining it.”

That was when I got a little bit worried. I had turned the gas on in the kitchen and closed the windows. Thank goodness our gas was odourless, otherwise he might have smelt the devious plan I had.

“OK, but don’t be too long, I am sure my sister would love to see you.”

I am sure she would, she hates me and I hate her. She somehow has the idea I only married him for his money. Wonder where she got that from? I was earning my money legally before I met him, but it seemed that being a stripper in a night club was not what she expected from her future sister-in-law.

Now I had to hurry, otherwise she would arrive and I definitely did not want to be here when she pressed the doorbell. I just thought, killing two birds with one spark from the doorbell was ideal.

“Bye Julian” and I gave him a peck on his cheek, avoiding the waft of his breath. He always smelt of garlic, one of this favourite foods. Everything had to be cooked with garlic. It was a wonder he did not squash it into his morning coffee.  At least I wouln’t have that smell to welcome me in the morning. I had to put up with a lot over the years. What I had to suffer to earn a good life.

As I left I saw his sister’s car arriving. Our villa was on a hill and you could see all approaching traffic. I walked down the path to the river, went to my favourite bench and called Joe.

“How is the plan going dear?”

“No problem Joe” and before she could talk further a trememdous crash echoed sending the swans to the other side of the river, and the crows in the trees scattered in all directions.

“What was that?”

“I think that was the last we will ever hear from Julian and his sister.”

“You mean the plan has worked” said Joe.

“Yes dear, I am free. I will so miss my wonderful designer clothes and the sports car, but you cannot take everything with you. It would be suspicious. I will now have you Joe, but we have to be patient. Wait until the testament is dealt with and then we can get on with our lives together.”


Joe was satisfied. He could hold on for a few years with her and then she might have a small car accident (the brakes would be sawn through?) or perhaps she might eat something that did not agree with her (poisoning?). There were so many possibilities. Yes, Joe was not stupid, he knew when he had a goose that would lay the golden egg for him and leave it behind in the will.

Daily Prompt: Burnt