Daily Prompt: Quote me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

two yellow tits

It seems that Mrs. Human has a lapse of creativity today, so I, chief cat Nera, will take over this prompt. Mrs. Human just has no favourite quote. She has many according to the situation she finds herself in, mostly being quotes not fit for either feline or human ears. We cats only have a couple, as our situations follow mainly the same pattern. “If it moves, appeals to the feline taste buds, kill it and eat it”.

“Nera, what are you writing on your paw pad. That is not the idea of a daily prompt.”

“You said I should take over today as you have no inspiration. I and my two feline colleagues here at home always have inspiration, especially since you fixed up the bird eating station in the garden. Now, if I may continue after this rude interruption, before I lose the thread: yes, my favourite quotes. I do not know who invented the original quote, but I believe it to be some time in the feline past when Bast was organising his feline army in Egypt being recruited by the humans as they were not able to finish the job. They just did not think ahead, as usual. You cannot store corn without dealing with the dangers. Oh, they were the best times for us felines. A laid table every day. The more rats and mice you eat, the more took their place.”

“How many times to I have to tell you, it is not a bird eating station. It is a station for the birds to eat. Nera, if you really want to deal with this daily prompt, then stay on the subject and do not wander off. Bast is not everyone’s idea of the world leader.”

“Ok, Mrs. Human, stay on your two legs and stop hopping around like a bird waiting for me to pounce. As I was saying, we felines do have favourite quotes, and we constantly return to them. Quote number one is “a bird in the paw is worth two up high on a tree”. What is the point of watching birds and taking photos of them to show all your friends in Internet. They might be interesting to the human eye, but we felines have another purpose, which brings me to the other main feline quote “if it moves, appeals to the feline taste buds, kill it and eat it”.

“Nera, that is not the idea. There may be people reading this that like birds and feel sorry for them if caught by a feline.”

“May I ask a question Mrs. Human?”

“Go ahead, but make it a sensible question.”

“All my questions are sensible. There may be a lack of understanding from the human brain, but according to my idea, I only ask sensible questions. What did you have for dinner yesterday?”



“Chicken, salad and chips.”

“Exactly, so you humans think because you cook the chicken first, it is something better. My fellow felines and myself are not so fussy, raw or cooked it is all the same. First of all fix the bird with your eyes. Give it a feeling of security and as soon as it moves out of its safety zone – pounce. Thus a bird in the paw is worth two in the tree. Just because you humans prefer to let that part be done by a machine in a factory, it all boils down to the same thing. “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”, to quote a human quote.”

I decided this conversation was leading nowhere, felines have superior moments sometimes.

“Mrs. Human, we do not have superior moments. We are superior.”

And with the last word from Nera the feline we will conclude the Daily Prompt for today.


Daily Prompt: Quote me