It’s snowing

Towards Rötibrück, Solothurn

It all started so well, going shopping with the car. Admittedly we had a bit of snow on the pavements, but the roads were clear. Guess what? While we were in the supermarket it started to snow. That was this morning, and it snowed all day. This photo was taken about 11.30 this morning on the way home.

Result: Mr. Swiss and I are hibernating for the week-end and plans have been made to buy a week’s food supplies on Monday morning, not intending to go anywhere on our own four wheels until the end of next week.

Snowing on the Baselstrasse approaching Feldbrunnen

3 thoughts on “It’s snowing

  1. Just started snowing in Arad, Romania, too. Already seen some snow settling on the pavement. Hopefully we won’t need to go out again today (done the week’s shopping earlier in the day).
    I like to watch snow from my window but certainly don’t like to be out in the weather or drive. Stay safe!


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